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)) Head Strong to Heart Smart ((

Head strong to heart smart is a programme I run to help overthinkers get out of their heads, out of self doubt, out of procrastination, out of perfectionism, out of distraction, out of confusion and into clear, calm knowing.

It can help calm your thoughts.
It can help you understand yourself better.
It can help you explore options.
It can help you practice a new way of being.
It can help you with getting clearer on your emotional territory.
It can help you be kinder to yourself (because we all need that)
It can help you be kinder to others (if you need that).

It focuses on techniques to help you drop out of your head, to get some distance from all the noise and to listen to your deeper wisdom.

It's a lunar cycle long.

We gather on Thursday 13th to begin and there are 5 live 75-90 minute sessions which explore a range of ways to drop out of your head and into your heart.

Each session is supportive and spacious and you can watch them on replay as often as you like. There is also a community space to explore in between that I am in between live sessions to answer questions and offer in more support and booking is available till midnight on Monday.

There is an exclusive 15% discount for members of my Out of Your Head Community which you can join here.

And whilst there are no bursary places left you can pay in instalments if that works better for you. Just drop me an PM/DM and I can send you a link for that.

Link in Bio / Header Image

If it feels like a fit for you, get in touch and lets work it out together.
Bookings close midnight on Monday.

Cat xx

There is nothing more glorious than being able to express ourselves clearly, honestly, powerfully.

Like being able to stand in our full power and say "Yes" or "No" or "here's a song I wrote" or to proclaim I love you with a whole heart.

And expression doesn't always need to be a bold declaration. Sometimes it can be a quiet internal acknowledgement that something isn't a fit for us anymore + a wordless walking away.

But getting to the point of choosing what to express can be a messy journey. Sometimes we say things that are not quite what we meant or make choices that are the opposite of what we really want.

And to come back a step before that, sometimes we don't even know:
How we feel, How to choose between all the options or How we are going to get out of the situ we are in (hello 3am swirling thought mess).

It's why I speak about support + exploration being essential steps before we can express anything.

I am really interested in working with folx on the first two steps of the Support, Explore, Express (S.E.E) model - Support (the essential bit) + Exploration (the messy bit).

Because I KNOW you (the whole of you) KNOWS what you want to express.

But it's hard to hear that amongst all the mind noise.
So if we support you to get quiet and present with ALL. THE. THINKING, then we can then begin to explore (using the body as an amazing tool for navigation) until YOU find what it is YOU want to express.

If you want to explore ways to drop out of your head, to drop out of self doubt, to drop out of procrastination or perfectionism, overthinking then you might be interested in the month long Head Strong to Heart Smart programme I run that starts this coming week.

The Link is in Bio/Header Image

If it feels like a fit for you, get in touch and lets work it out together.

Love Cat <3

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)) Can You S.E.E? ((

I am sharing this model I work with formoving out of overthinking, for getting clear, for getting things done.

It goes like this...
S - Support
E - Explore
E - Express

Step 1 is Support.
See my last post for that...

And Step 2 is Explore (or Expand)
Exploration comes second because it's harder to see what's in there, out there or possible if we don't feel supported.

Like walking into the wilderness, support is like a compass, a tent, some binoculars, a bottle of water and some nice biscuits.
Provisions for the journey.

How many times have you got frustrated
and (metaphorically / not) chucked things across the room that aren't working, only to eat some lunch, calm all the way down, watch a youtube video and learn how to fix it.

Or pored over a problem late into the night only to give up, have a sleep + wake up with the solution staring you in the face?

Or driven yourself mad trying to figure out what to do about a situation only to chat to a mate + suddenly feel clear?

Food, guidance, rest + connection are simple ways of finding support for you + your nervous system and they are essential if we are going to enjoy the exploration.

Which in turn is essential if we are going to make good choices (a.k.a the final step - Express).

The second step - E (explore) can be done alone or in groups.
If its new territory you might want a guide from the side or a crew to come with you.

If you want to explore ways to drop out of your head, to drop out of self doubt, to drop out of procrastination, perfectionism, overthinking or overwhelm with a guide + a crew, then you might be interested in the month long Head Strong to Heart Smart programme I run that starts this coming week.

The Link is in Bio/Header Image

If it feels like a fit for you, get in touch and lets work it out together.

Love Cat

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White triangular flag with the word Explore on it, attached to a stick, all laying on a wooden background

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

)) Can You S.E.E? ((

I am talking about a simple (but not necessarily easy) model for moving out of overthinking - that could easily apply to other things you feel stuck with but because my focus is on supporting overthinkers into clear, calm, focused, connected, un-overwhelming action, thats what I talk about

Simple because if we are up in our heads a lot we don't need more complicated theories, more analysis or more intellect.

We can not think our way out of overthinking

The model goes like this...
S - Support
E - Explore
E - Express

Step 1 is Support.
Internal Support for Our Nervous System

We can not stop overthinking if our nervous system is rattled, over-activated or on hyper alert. In fact our overthinking may be a result of an over active nervous system.

When our nervous system is over-activated we fall into self doubt, comparison, perfectionism, procrastination, distraction, overwhelm NONE of WHIICH feels good.

Step 1 is Support.
External Support to hold us while we practice something else.

This might be support from others who are like us, support from a teacher/guide, support from a therapist, support from friends, family, your dog/cat.

Emerging from overthinking requires support.
And it is an ESSENTIAL before we can move into:

Step 2 - Explore (our options)

Step 3 - Express (ourselves in action, choice, words, yes, no, bringing our hidden parts into our consciousness and into the world so we don't waste energy hiding any more)

More of steps 2 and 3 in coming posts.

A free live demonstration
Of this model, a chance to connect with others and opportunity to get support, before you explore and express, is happening Wednesday 5th May 2021. 6pm CET in the Out of Your Head FB Support Community (link in bio/www.facebook.com/groups/outofyourhead

Join the group to attend the event, leave the group after if you want to.

See you soon 🙂

Cat Moyle
- in service to fellow overthinkers <3

) What can't you hide anymore? (

We all do it
We all hide parts of ourselves
We do it because we have a basic human need to belong.
We also have a basic human need for authenticity

But because belonging trumps authenticity (for survival) we learn to adapt who we are when we depend on others.

We learn to hide parts of ourselves. We keep doing that even when we don't need to any more. We may forget these parts of ourselves exist, until they show up under pressure & confuse the shit out of us because they arrive messy, wrapped in other judgement, shame, emotions, control.

You know how it goes, you don't speak up about something that pisses you off at work, then you go home & rant about it (or something unrelated) to your partner / houseplant.

It irks to hide parts of ourselves, it can be tiring, it doesn't feel relaxed, it may be painful, & it can get us up in our heads more than we like (hello whirring thoughts, disconnect, confusion, sleepless nights, random outbursts, depression, anxiety).

This exploration is at the heart of my work
This return to our whole selves
This re-acquaintance with the hidden parts of ourselves.
This remembering

We can explore more of ourselves is by spending some time:
▪ being supported (its hard to do it alone)
▪ listening to our thoughts to understand our patterns (but not just in silent meditation which can be hard if you already think a lot)
▪ noticing the other ways in which we communicate with ourselves (e.g. sensations in the body, emotions, behaviour)

Last year I put together a programme about it - Head Strong to Heart Smart. It was run over the course of a month. It offered embodiment techniques, support, a place to practice.

We practice so we can know how to occupy more of us.
So we don't have to hide it.
So we can choose to let it show if we want to.

I am running that programme again starting on 13 May. Link In Bio

If it sounds like something that might suit you or you are curious about it, get in touch.

Cat x

Hello loves
It's Cat Moyle here with an exciting update!

I'm now with @fewtheapp - a holistic fitness app created to help improve physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.

I specialise in embodiment coaching for those of us stuck up in our heads a lot and amanae sessions for those wanting to work on deep emotional exoloration and expression.

I do both 1:1 sessions in the week and am developing some group offerings

So give yourself a moment and #takeafew

Thanks to the few team @yoga_with_agnesjenei
And @jamieolivernorthfor making it so easy to plug back into your body, mind and spirit! Simply download the sign- up for FREE and book a session at a time that suits you. Easy.

#FindMeOnFew #ImWithFew

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)) Yes and No ((
Short, simple words that clearly convey their meaning, right?

Why then, can it sometimes be hard to know which one we want to say and then speak it out loud? And how can the body help?

You will likely know, that if you have ever said yes when you meant no or vice versa, it is often after the event that we are able to be clearer about what we wanted to say.

It's after we have gone to a social event (remember those?) that we weren't in the mood for. Or after we have agreed to look after someone's dog when we aren't really a dog person etc,

Why does this happen?
Well, it's not your fault. There is a whole heap o' conditioning (cultural, familial, gender etc), neural patterning, fear and peer pressure and there is the deep primal desire to belong, be strong, be good, be quick n decisive or be accepted that can all override our deep deep knowing that it is really a YES Please or a NO Thank you.

As someone who is someone and works with people who rely heavily on their minds to navigate life, who overthink sometimes or who get stuck in accessing their OWN knowing (which can make it hard to make decisions, stay focused or connect with others), exploring how Yes and No show up can be a GREAT place to begin exploring how the body communicates so we can say the one that we need to say without waiting for the 'after the event' clarity to show us.

Next time you have to choose what you want for dinner, identify two things you could have. Then sit down for a minute, stop doing other things and and ask your WHOLE self which one is more of a Yes.

What happens in the body that shows you that it's a yes?

I will be exploring Yes and No more in the coming week in my FB community Out of Your Head - link in bio

And we will dive deep together in the Helping Overthinkers Practical and Interactive workshop coming up on 22nd April 2021 - link in bio

If you are interested in those get in touch.

Cat <3

Image credit: Daniel Herron on Unsplash

)) What is your relationship with not knowing? ((

If the past 12 months have shone a light on anything it has been how we react when things get unpredictable.

So what has your response to that been and why does it matter?

Do you jump into your head to "figure it out"?

Do you feel a panic?

Do you wait, patiently until a bit more data presents itself?

Do you feel like going to bed?

Do you start looking at whose fault it is?

What emotions do you feel?

Do you get agitated or still?

Do you feel at ease in the not knowing?

Do you notice what the reaction is in your body? In your mind? In your whole system? when you Don't Have The Answers

I work a LOT with people who are in their heads more than they would like. Overthinking is sometimes a way that the body tries to handle stress. We THINK we can THINK our way out of it but UNDERSTANDING our unique nervous system and responding appropriately is a WAY SMARTER way to:

Wind Down Our Thoughts
Give the Mind-Fizz some Space
Be Here, Now instead of reliving the past or over-planning the future.
Understand ourselves
Connect to ourselves
Connect better to others.
And most importantly
Respond appropriately so we don't blow stuff up that doesn't need blowing up.

I created a video in FB (link in Bio) which shares ONE way in which I have learned to work with it. I share things like this in my Out of Your Head FB community for overthinkers AND I will offer more support like this at a live juicy interactive event on 22nd April called 'Helping Overthinkers hosted by @Norasevents that will help you explore:

▪ how to handle the swirling thought mess
▪ how to manage the overthinking
▪ how to quiet the mind noise
and get to a place that feels
- a bit more calm (without any woo-woo or 'calm down' talk),
- a bit more present (without too much effort),
- a bit more understanding and compassionate and
- a bit more connected
so you can crack on in these uncertain times without getting stuck or overwhelmed.

The Helping Overthinkers Event link is also in the bio.

It is extremely good value and if money is tight there are bursary places available,

DM me if you have any questions about that.

Much love

Cat <3

)) Who do you think you are ((

Hi loves, it's been a while since I did a WhoTF am I post so here goes.

I am obsessed with bodies.

I am an Embodiment Coach
I am an Intuitive Bodyworker.
I am a Certified Amanae Practitioner

I mean, I am a whole lot more than that but it's a start.

I am fierce believer in you and your body’s ability to deal with whatever life throws at you.

I understand and do my very best to share what I know about the powerful connection between our bodies and how we do life.

I work with overthinkers - is that you?

I support people like you to plug into the wisdom below the neck.

WhY? As a way of becoming calmer (sometimes) more present, more connected to your whole self and those around you.

I share what I learn that might help you remember that via online programmes, group workshops and one to one sessions or in any conversation at any gathering where the music is a bit rubbish.

I run a FREE FB community (Out of Your Head, link in bio)
I run FREE embodiment circles on a Monday at 5pm UK time - link in bio
I also offer some paid things - see my website - link in bio.

I would love to hear from you if overthinking is something you recognise and want help with.

I am also a yogi, meditator, an over sharer, an altruist, optimist, prolific swearer, dancefloor demon and massive fan of sounds and the sea.

The last few weeks have shaken a LOT to the surface. For women, for BLM allies, for those who hold certain freedoms dear.

I wrote a few weeks ago in my newsletter about how we live in context. How, regardless of who we tell ourselves we are, we show up or respond differently depending on the context, on what is happening around us. Because what is happening around us affects what happens inside of us.

Since the beginning of the year I have been offering spaces to allow us to connect with what is happening inside of us: our physical experiences, our emotional responses and our thoughts. The next Gentle Sunday is a place to come and do that, to connect with you in context, to be held, to be heard and to connect with others. To remember we are not alone and that there is something essentially human and helpful in community.

▪ If you are feeling weary
▪ If your heart feels a bit heavy
▪ If you feel a bit lost
▪ If you want to be part of a collective support system (to give and receive)
▪ if you just want to gently rest

If that sounds relevant to you, come and join us. Link in Bio or here: https://catmoyle.com/group-online-experiences/gentle-sunday/

The next one is with Mockingbird Makes who will bring her Ho'opon'pono magic to support us.

Much love
Cat x

Image Credit: Dodji Djibom on Unsplash

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)) The Fog Comes & Goes ((

I had a conversation yesterday with a friend yesterday about positive thinking. They spoke about how they didn't like sharing circles because they didn't resonate with all that "negativity" since their default state was pretty "positive".

I read The Happiness Hypothesis some years ago (by Jonathan Haidt), in which he speaks about the cortical lottery, the idea that we all have a different baseline level of happiness that we revert to in between the highs & lows.

As a life long 'cup overflowing' person, this friend & I seem to have 'done well' in the cortical lottery. Our baseline is high. And yet over the past year, because of the hugely different situation we find ourselves in, I have experienced unfamiliar lows.

I have been grateful for the regulating practices I know (embodied, soothing, supportive) & each time it has been connection that has allowed me to be with the fog until it passes. Patiently, lovingly, not pushing or avoiding but calmly respecting that this is part of life too.

This is why the Gentle Sunday offering with @mockingbird_makes is community and connection based. Not as a place to sit in the sadness, or the sorrow or the joy or the hope or the rage but as a place to have your experienced witnessed and held by others, collectively, a place for your nervous system to come and rest so that the fog can clear and you can see what need wants to be met in this moment. And a place to learn powerful skills to self regulate for those moments that you need that too.

Because at our heart we are community creatures.
Because our nervous systems respond to other nervous systems.
Because in listening to others we are offering our own love and that helps the fog to clear too.

If this approach sounds interesting, the link to the next Gentle Sunday is in my bio or here http://ow.ly/ZYco50E5VYj

Cat x

#embodiment #gentlesunday #nervoussystemregulation #selfregulation #breathe #rest #hooponopono #soulfulrest #community #love #embodimentcoach

)) Repetition soothes ((

There is something I love about this image.
I return to it again and again.
I am grateful to its creator.

When we repeat, we become familiar with, we settle into, we are able to deepen our understanding of, we get under the skin.
The same is true in our bodies. When we first learn a dance move or yoga we are awkward, when we first try a new skill we are clunky but after repetition we get into it don't we. We might even master it.

Repetition is expansive.
Repetition is deep.
Even in the boredom of repetition we learn.

Next Sunday the Gentle Space will open again and we can explore repetition as a way of supporting ourselves during this unpredictable time.

I will be joined by the wonderful @mockingbird_makes who will lead us on a loving practice repeating 4 phrases that we can unravel in.

Come sit on the bench with us for another Gentle Sunday.
We will move gently, share gently, hold ourselves and hold each other however we are.

Link in Bio
DM me if you need to know more
Cat x

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)) Come and Sit a While ((

Who needs a bit of time out from all the mind-noise, COVID talk, lockdown lunacy and general daily WTF-ery.

Somewhere to come and hang out and quench these tired souls of ours with a bit of love, care and compassion?

I feel deeply called to create a space for this and to share it with you again.

Gentle Sunday 2 - is from my heart to yours ❤

Lets hang out on the sofa, wrapped in blankets and drink tea and not have to effort or do or be anything other than exactly what we are.

Lets spend some time in restful repose and stop all the bloody doing.

I will share a breathing practice, there will be a meditation, we will listen to some soothing sounds, we might do some gentle movement, we will be kind to our nervous systems, we will create space and allow ourselves to ask for what we need, let's be supported.

To join me send an email or DM me here and I will send you the details.

Donations of €15+ will be welcome but if you are not able to donate you can come for free.

This one is NOT listed on my website but the FB link is in the BIO under Gentle Sunday.

Share this with anyone you think might need quenched...
And see you on the sofa.
Much love
Cat x
Image Credit Aaron Burden on @Unsplash

)) Meditate for Air ((

Each morning, mostly without fail, I meditate for 20 minutes or more.

As an overthinker, it's a practice I find really challenging.

As soon as my eyes open in the morning the thought tsunami crashes through my mind

And tries to take me with it.

Everytime I reflect on this with my fellow overthinkers I see the nod of recognition. Meditation IS hard.

A wise woman I once met taught me to lean into the practices that are the opposite of our preferences. To walk not run, to be soft in my yoga not rigid, to yield not push and to not always feed the desire to know and think more.

Thinking, analysing, interpreting, seeking cerebral understanding is juicy to me, it's enjoyable and stimulating and exciting.

And it is not always what I need more of.

And so practicing meditation is challenging.

Being quiet, still, observant but not participative is challenging for us overthinkers. We dont want to sit in the thoughts, we want to engage with them and manage things and order them and we can end up stuck in the tsunami of them, gasping for air.

The meditation practice that I begin each day with is like finding air.

The three and a half seconds of stillness I met in the 20 minutes of wild thought waves today was glorious. Spacious and fresh and cool and clear and just as revitalising as seeking understanding.

So my invitation to overthinkers is to lean into it, to find a practice that helps you stop swimming in the tsunami to find the pockets of air so you can breathe in something new.

A good place to start is with a meditation that has a focus. Download the free body based meditation practice from my website or dm me if you want to help figure it out together x

#embodiment #embodimentcoaching #meditation #overthinkers #headtoheart #stopdrowning #findspace #breathe #somatics #nervoussystemsupport #whymeditate #whynot

)) Don't sell yourself short ((

Connect with your audience they said
Write a regular post introducing yourself they said

Tell people about your likes and dislikes, help them get to know you, this will build connection, but don't overshare yeah, don't be negative, be upbeat, the world needs upbeat you, people are looking to you.

Laugh about how you have named your hot water bottle Wilson

Don't tell them you spend at least 30 minutes a day sobbing uncontrollably on the kitchen floor

Share stories about your new found bread making skills, and not stories about how you feel like your ability to string sentences together is regressing the less contact you have with people.

Fuck that
Honesty is all right now.
Holding it together for the sake of social media is not helpful for this nervous system.

And honesty means alllll of it. All of the stories.
The good, the bad and the ugly because we are whole humans, complex and messy, beautiful and rare and even though it doesn't always feel like it we CAN hold all of that in one system, if we connect.

The connections I make from my own vulnerability and the connections I see in the support spaces I hold are deep and resourcing, quenching and soothing. These connections go way beyond the connections I feel and see from the shiny "everything is awesome" posts.

Because at times I can hold and at times I need to be held. At times I am out there giving and others I am retreating to receive In these times of depleted energy and immune systems and battered nervous systems and grief and loneliness and delight and love and joy and depth and truth we have to connect to others to survive.

Others are life force.

We > Me

And that means there is a dance, a weaving of all of us, of all of our stories, of our wholeness and our emptiness and our wholeness again.

This is my truth. What is yours?

Cat ❤️

#truth #strongertogether #thiswholehuman
#embodiedwisdom #we>me #bigenough #strongenough #lifeforce #soul #heartsmart #wilson #keephonestandcarryon #connection #community

)) Rising ((

There is something rising to the surface.

In these times it is making itself known clearly.

It is something I first discovered in my amanae training.

But the depths of which are now revealed.

It is the only medicine I have to offer right now and it is gentleness.

I have applied it liberally to myself as a test and I think it helps.

It is not always what is needed, but right now, in these times, it seems important and it is seeping into everything I am sharing.

Gentleness keeps things as simple as possible.

Gentleness is a return to what feels good.

Gentleness is resting not resisting, not grasping or fighting but falling softly if you need to.

Gentleness is remembering we are here to catch one another. Gentleness is Us, community, togetherness.

Gentleness is sometimes smooth, sometimes soft,

Gentleness is quenching.

This is what I offer.

How and where I offer it this month is listed in my bio. Follow the thread that calls you if you need gentleness.

Cat xx

)) Together ((

Even as an independent Aquarian I have always known We Is the Key.

We is how we grow
We is how we learn
We is how we create sure

We is also how we rest
We is how we regulate
We is ingrained in our body system

I am running a space this Sunday for We.
For all that you need to bring
For all that is going on in your world, your mind, your heart.
Come and be held
Come and be supported
Come and be We

And stop carrying that shizz on your own.

Gentle Sunday link in Bio.
PM me your email address for the log in details.

Cat x

#wenotme #embodiment #embodimentcoach #restisbest #gentlesunday #love #free #beheld #behold

)) Head Strong to Heart Smart ((
Overthinkers and Smart, Savvy Souls will often find themselves amidst the swirling thought mess, disconnected from their clarity and a little harsh on themselves.

This touches me deeply, I recognise it and so did Pippa.

She was over it.

So she joined the embodied coaching programme Head Strong to Heart Smart and along with 10 other women began to return to the heart of the matter.

That we are more than just our minds, that we have so much more to bring to the party than just our brains and that in doing that we find the presence, clarity and connection we seek.

The next programme runs from 11th February 2021 and the doors are open now if you recognise this in you too and want to join us.

Link in Bio/Events.

Combine you strong mind with your smart heart.

Cat <3

#embodiment #coaching #bodywisdom #getclear #getconnected #headstrong #heartsmart❤️

)) Out Out ((

I finally am allowed out!
This morning's walk was such a sweet and tender experience.
I missed it, so I savoured it.
And was reminded that this kind of attention is available to me every day.
I can come with this much reverence to anything I choose.
So be it.

What do you miss?
What is important to you?
What can you savour?

Have a glorious day ❤️

#embodiedwisdom #outout #whatsunderneath
#embodimentcoach #walk #walking #withsoul #malta #sealife #water #bluemind