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)) Dig Deep Vs Easy Wheel ((⠀

Something interesting has emerged from my affirmation practice.⠀

I have a growing belief, that things can be easily achieved.⠀

I noticed it the other day when I was swimming, something I have got back into after overdoing things a little at the HIIT classes and realising my joints needed a rest.⠀

I was approaching my 1.5km target and was a bit tired (first swim back after the Xmas break) and I started affirming that I had lots of energy and I could easily do 2km. It droppped me into a relaxed state and before I knew it I had swum 40 laps of the 50m pool as the sun was beginning to warm the air.⠀

And I was reminded that the words we say, our beliefs, can affect our physiology (and vice versa - more about that in another post).⠀

For many many years I have felt like hard graft is the only way to get things done. I am proud of my ancenstral ability (miners, farmers, military, rural folks) to "dig deep". ⠀

But I am now leaning into the idea that the other tools available to me might be "let it be easy". ⠀

The world I occupy sometimes over plays the 'surrender, manifestation is all you need, don't push it, relax - your needs are already met' card, lulling people into the illusion that no effort is required. I am grateful to have been able to sharpen the "dig deep" tool in life and now I'm turning my attention to the easy wheel to see what that brings.⠀

When have you found 'easy wheeling' serves you best?⠀
When did you need to dig deep?⠀
Tell me your tales...⠀

Cat <3⠀

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Photo Credit Thom Massat on @unsplash

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)) Affirmative ((⠀

At the risk of you rolling your eyes at me, I have started to use affirmations.⠀

This is part of my efforts to be more open minded the older I get. ⠀
I have historically viewed affirmations with the same eyes as crystals and abundance manifestations i.e. "there is probably something in it but its not for me and my busy 'get shit done in the real world schedule". However, I am around a lot of people who swear by the magic of affirmations. I have done some research into the neuroscience of positive thinking and I have read a couple a books around the subject that felt quite inspiring. Soooooo I have decided to embrace the practice and see what its all about and THEN let my judgement come from an informed place.⠀

Here are my three observations.⠀

It's a bit like prayer, which a lot of people find comfort and inspiration in and which I am also experimenting with. So it's helping me explore two tasks with one timeslot! ⠀

It's interesting to observe how my body responds to the words I am reading. If there is tension/sensation/a physical response, I know I'm probably touching on something worth exploring and breathing into around the stories I tell myself.⠀

It's quite a fun game, I feel light and playful when I say these big aspirational ideas out loud and who doesn't need more joy in the morning!⠀

Watch this space for updates and thanks to @totallylaura for some inspiration in this area.⠀

Cat <3⠀

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I went to watch Jo Jo Rabbit recently. I got Shhh-d at for laughing out loud in the cinema but thats not why I'm telling you this story.⠀

The movie quotes the Bohemian Austrian Poet Rilke, (scroll back on my grid for how much I love Rilke) at the end with the following gorgeousness.⠀

"Let everything happen to you⠀
beauty and terror.⠀
Just keep going.⠀
No feeling is final".⠀

And it made me reflect on our human desire to be 'fixed', to not feel X or Y, to not have regrets, or shame, or anger, or resentments or frustrations but to exist in a space that is all smooth and abundant and easy and wonderful.⠀

I sometimes hear people say "once I have fixed this, I will be ok". And I understand that very well. Pain, discomfort, shame, resentment, anger, sadness, grief, frustration and so on, are hard to handle. It's tough navigating the dark territory. And deep breaths and positive thoughts can illuminate and alleviate for a time but they wont necessarily train you for next time you find yourself there.⠀

Here's what I know. The more we⠀
a) practice navigating these spaces⠀
b) are supported to navigate these spaces⠀
c) accept that its part of the 360degree experience of life (deep gratitude to the wise and wonderful Tamu Thomas at @livethreesixty for that magical description)⠀


And the more able you are to feel, allow and then release the need to continue feeling the pain. tension, sadness, frustration etc.⠀

You can allow it to move through you and don't grip it, try to contain it or lock it away (only for it to return with bells on).⠀

You can begin to understand that this IS a life of plenty and the dark (and what it teaches us) is a vital part of that.⠀

My offerings in 2020 (one to one sessions, group workshops and online programmes) are all about that work.⠀

I am committed to working with you, to creating spaces and circles online and in person to support you to navigate the "beauty and terror" with ease and grace. And to teaching you how connect with your incredible body, your magical multi-tool, for taking every step.⠀

So be it⠀

<3 Cat xx⠀

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)) Your Wisest Teacher ((⠀

The world demands we use our brains a LOT. We plan and organise and strategise and carry out tasks. We spend most of our day processing and acting on information. Our minds do an incredible job of keeping us safe, keeping us learning, keeping us active and keeping us growing. And as a result it can sometimes feel like we spend a lot of time up in our heads and sometimes get tired of ‘the noise’ or swirling thought mess up there.⠀

More simply most of us know that when we spend time dropping out of our head and into our bodies a bit more we feel relaxed, calmer, better able to express ourselves and usually make different decisions and yet how often do we practice that or feel supported to do that?⠀

We may have something deeper to express about our heart, our desires, our place… but haven’t felt ready to do that. Or we feel like we are tired of holding onto judgements or feelings that keep returning.⠀

I think we have two choices, we can either A) continue to muddle and manage around the emotional parts of life we find hard or listening to the swirling thought mess and its repeating messages B) learn to be ‘in’ those feelings and judgements and to have the power to understand them and navigate ourselves through them as best we can.⠀

In my experience, option B always has more rewards and it is a lot easier to choose if we are in it together which is why the Opening the Heart workshop was created.⠀

It weaves meditation, connection & movement practices, with the power of group work so we can all support each other to be honest, to begin to recognise our habits & understand how to allow all parts of ourselves.⠀

So if you want to stay in Option A, I get it. And if Option B intrigues you, if a small part of you thinks it might be worth a shot, then have a read of the workshop details (link in bio) and see if it suits you.⠀

If your current approach to life is not working or making you feel free or if you just know you are ready to try something different, or if you just know you are ready to release then this workshop might be for you.⠀

Reconnecting you with your wisest teacher.⠀

Sunday 16th Feb 2020⠀

DM me for details x

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❤️ These are the moments I wish Insta had an insta-smell function so you could smell how incredible this little bottle of magic is.❤️ Way back in the summer I attended a @pinkmagazine_tom event and met the woman behind this divine potion. You know what it's like, lots of stalls offering lots of wonderful fayre but then you stumble upon one that just stands out. Liz (Potion mistress) had a game laid out on her stall and my friend @elliecarl1 and I played at 'guess the scent' while Liz explained the different notes at play, how they respond to their environment and the creative process of natural perfume making. The series of perfumes she is birthing are inspired by a Sicilian novel 'The Leopard' (beautiful) and are influenced by the mood of the piece (creative). Furthermore she has opted to release the Sicily Quarter in seasons with each scent vibing with mother nature's cycle (inspired) 👃👃 In her words "Appropriately for the festive season, ERESIA (this one) is inspired by the scent of Catholic churches, their incense and the patina of polished wood". 📿

There is SO much attention to detail in this project that I am totally in love with it. ⚡

I tried the perfume this weekend and it is smoky and sexy and wintery and all woman. And that's just what I needed for the full moon / lunar eclipse mood I was in. 💃💃💃 Thank you @parfumsclandestins for your soulful work x

Cat x

PS I am shamelessly telling my mates that I would love a bottle of each of your creations (as they emerge) for my birthday 🙂 I can't wait for the next one xx

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)) Clean Up to Keep Up ((⠀

Those of you following on my stories will know I just walked myself through a 5 day cleanse.⠀

Here's why I did it at a time I wouldn't normally. And at the end find out WHY I am sharing this.⠀

You know that feeling of wanting Christmas to go on just a bit longer so you don't have to get back to the mad rhythms of normal life? And the first few days are a little slower and fuzzier than the clear headed high of summer. I held off starting 2020 until 6th Jan because that is exactly how I felt. ⠀

I know 2020 marks some major life and business changes and I was in hibernation procrastination mode. And I know that with all the way outside comfort zone activity coming I needed a little jump start. My first days back Malta were free from 'hands on' clients so could play with my energy levels a bit so I did the cleanse and here's are my 5 wins from that.⠀
>> Clear mind (deeper meditations)⠀
>> Calmness (better sleep)⠀
>> Less focus on food ⠀
>> Habit reset on sugars and starch, caffeine & chocolate⠀
Essentially I cleanse to quiet down the noise in my body & mind so I can feel more connected. When we cleanse we quiet down the call of addiction, we quiet down the busyness of the body so it can focus on repair and regeneration, we quiet down the peaks & troughs of energy so we can sleep better and we quiet down the 'should do this/that' self talk. ⠀

And when we do that work in community we ALL benefit. From the encouragement we participate in and (if we are a little competitive) from the congratulations we receive!⠀

I will embark on my usual 21 day cleanse in Spring (northern hemisphere) and will invite you to join me in that practice so watch this space. And if you want to do the 5 day cleanse DM me for the details - there are important things to know before you cleanse.⠀

I share this because practices like this make a huge difference to my ability to BE THERE fully as a therapist and IN MY LIFE. If you feel like that's something you need, stay tuned here for more of that goodness. In the meantime thanks to @michellebartoloyoga for sharing and to her group for supporting.⠀

Much love⠀
Cat <3⠀

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)) Client testimonials speak for themselves (( ⠀

" I heard noises I hadn't made before. I felt my heart from the front, side, back & in the middle. I left feeling one breath fuller. "⠀

That's one of the beauties of a 1:2:1 session of Amanae. Observing clients express, feel and breath in a way that they haven't felt able to before. It's like a little portal, a key or a tool; how you use yours is up to you and the work that you are ready to show up to do. ⠀

To book your next 1:2:1 session DM, email me at cat@butterflytherapies.com or contact me on +356 9964 6166⠀

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)) Resolutions Schmesolutions ((⠀

Tis the season for posts about resolutions but here's the thing, they are NOT my thing and here's why⠀
I DO love an aspirational practice⠀
I DO love sharing our goals publicly to have them witnessed⠀
I DO love to set goals, believe wholeheartedly in them and watch them unfold⠀
I DO believe the intention behind resolutions is where the magic is at⠀
I DO know most NY resolutions are abandoned by the third weekend after NYE⠀
I DO understand that setting resolutions (external targets) without acceptance of where you are at (internal compassion) can set you up to fail, blame or feel shame.⠀
I DO know that we are more powerful when we do this work (internal compassion) together.⠀
I DO know if you set a NY Resolution and bail out on it by 2nd Jan, or 3rd or 17th you are not a bad person⠀
I DO know winter (Which we are in in the northern hemisphere) is energetically a time for rest and reflection and release)⠀
I DO know behaviour change is hard⠀
I DO know behaviour change is entirely possible and a resolution is an important PART of that.⠀
I DO know that it's as much about the path we take to get there than any kind of imagined destination or endpoint⠀
I FEEL 2020 is going to be big and limitless ⠀

I LOVE the @susannahconway Unravel Your Year practice for a lovely balance of internal compassion and external intention setting.⠀

Dive in and see you soon my loves <3⠀

See https://buff.ly/2B9cdeg⠀

Cat xx⠀

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When I really think about it, this post has been 3 years in the making. Back in 2017 I teased a blog post about my relationship with alcohol but it never came. I knew it was time to get something out into the open but I wasn't ready. I jumped the gun (as is sometimes my way) and then retreated. ⠀

I retreated so I could be with my relationship, so I could spend some time exploring it's corners. ⠀

I consider myself a 'happy' drunk. I rarely get morose (with the exception of a wedding that took place months after I separated from a partner). I rarely get out of control (too much of a control freak). And there are two things that happen when I drink.⠀

1. I always want more than one (I thought that's how everyone felt)⠀
2. As I age I increasingly feel completely floored (physically, emotionally, energetically) the next day (and the next)⠀

My anxiety levels rocket, my energy levels are erratic, I feel shaky, I get a massive headache, I cry (more than usual). My sensitivity gauge gets hiked up to 11.⠀

And so I have slowly, steadily stepped away from it.⠀

And in doing so I have realised I prefer myself in social situations without it. I am more eloquent, more interesting, clearer, calmer. I am more able to listen, have more engaging conversations and I am not shrouding my inner compass about who to stay around and (importantly) when to leave. And the next day is mine for the seizing. ⠀

Don't get me wrong. Never say never is an important mantra in my lexicon AND I love a little fizz on special occasions, but I know as I step into 2020, alcohol is no longer on the social necessity list.⠀

I am fascinated to learn others around me are feeling the same way. 5 women in my inner circle have explored the same subject with some choosing to abstain and others committing to play with their habit. I also know a host of people who have a very healthy relationship with the drug.⠀

So how is your relationship with alcohol? I would love to know below or in the DMs⠀
And if you are not sure (which I wasn't until recently) try the following suggestion on for size.⠀

"If you want to know why you do something, stop doing it"⠀

Wherever you at,⠀
Love, Cat xx

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If you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family⠀
- The Late Ram Dass

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)) Presents of Presence ((⠀
Stop scrolling.⠀
Take 3 full breaths in and out.⠀
Be present with this very moment.⠀
Know that giving is the greatest gift.⠀
Remember that we all have enough already and we do not need more.⠀
Than the surfeit of things happening in the time it takes to breathe once.⠀
I love you⠀
Cat <3⠀

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)) The Dark Side (( Sunday 22nd marked the start of the Winter Solstice and (for the northern hemisphere) our shortest days, the most time in the dark. Solstice means 'sun standing still' and for the three days that follows it is as though the sun pauses its passage giving us a moment to pause and reflect.

This year the 26th December will also be a new moon, more time in the dark and so the invitation is to be still too. To use the darkness as a time to find home - whatever that looks like to you - to light candles, to journal, to reflect before the lunar and solar energies being their journeys back into the light and we along with it.

Much love
Cat <3

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"Our deepest fears are like dragons, guarding our deepest treasure" ⠀ - Rilke⠀
I need this reminder as I swing wildly between freaking out and feeling like I rode all the dragons. 2019 eh, what a wild year...⠀
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#breathingdeep #breathe⠀
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)) Kali is Ma HomeGirl ((⠀
Meet Kali Ma, my new g-friend. ⠀
Many many moons ago I found myself deep in an emotional process relating to power and being overpowered during an intensive amanae workshop in Belgium! At that time an amazing human and amanae practitioner said to me, "what do you know about the Indian goddesses?". The seed was planted and during my recent trip to India I ended up at an ashram, the central temple of which housed "Kali", The Divine Mother. She moved me and since then I have been finding out about this deity and what she represents. She is the Divine Mother, the Dark Mother, the Terrible Mother. She is the Hindu goddess of time, creation, preservation, and destruction. ⠀

She is the whole damn rainbow of womanhood and that is the kind of deity I am interested in.⠀

The swords she holds signify the relationship between ego and divinity and it is precisely this that resonates right now.⠀

It's too meaty for a single insta post but the trip to India, it's timing and meeting this lady have nudged the door open to a new chapter, to a relationship with the divine that before - because of it's predominantly structured, ordered, rigid, masculine and punitive nature - kept me at bay. But now I am in baby and if you want to find out more about what I mean, follow the stories and posts to come as I know I will be sharing this journey.⠀

Thanks Kali x⠀

Love Cat <3⠀

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Of All You See⠀
Only Love is Infinite⠀
- Rumi⠀

Because we need to hear this today, tomorrow, every day. ⠀
It is so so tempting to me today - in the wake of the UK elections, following the celebrations of Trump at BoJos win and his criticism of Greta Thumberg and amidst the horror of the Maltese political drama - to get sucked into anger, frustration, sadness and despair. I am NOT an advocate of suppressing how we feel or spiritually bypassing the current clusterf*ck that is politics and its abdication of responsibility for people and the planet in favour of profit and power. And at the same time I am a wholehearted believer in the power of love, compassion, support and community. So I am riding the waves of emotion that move through me right now but looking to the sails of my ship that are pure pure love for the human race and the planet that spins beneath us and it is helping. ⠀

Love to you all, red, blue, green or yellow, monochrome or multicoloured. Together is better.⠀

Cat <3⠀

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)) Congratulations ((⠀
To the winner from last months @shemalta SHE: Entrepreneurs end of year networking event at Casino Maltese. Anyone who followed the /secret-space URL got their hands on a juicy discount code, a micro-workbook of the Rocking the Feminine in Business Workshop and entry into a competition to win a free one to one session with me! Congratulations to Dr Nicola Magro Axelsson @nyxmax, a lawyer from Malta who won and who I look forward to seeing very soon! If you attended the She Event and still want to get your hands on the notes AND the discount code, head to https://buff.ly/36iAEnw and enter your details. ⠀
With love⠀
Cat x

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A warm welcome to new followers and old alike. ⠀⠀
I am Cat Moyle and I am an Intuitive Bodyworker and Mind Body Mentor.⠀
I help people learn how to deeply connect with their bodies so we can quiet the noise, listen to the bodies wisdom and find a way of living a stronger, calmer & more authentic life.⠀⠀
I create the space to do this work through one to one sessions, workshops, retreats and online support.⠀⠀
In over 15 years of doing work with thousands of bodies I have learnt that we do this work together, that being fixed by a ‘healer’ is not the way to sustainable mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health. That the days of handing over your health to someone else to remedy are a thing of the past and that it is you, supported by a strong network, that finds the healthiest path through life for you. ⠀⠀
I was born in the UK in the 1970’s and have travelled far and wide internally and externally. Inspired by a transformational experience in my university years, I began training in holistic / complementary / alternative therapies in 2001 and haven’t stopped since. ⠀⠀
I qualified in Amanae (a powerful form of transformational bodywork) in 2017 after completing the intense three year training programme.⠀⠀
I acquired a distinction in the Holistic Massage (ITEC) diploma in 2011, a Diploma in Reflexology in 2003 and Level 1 and 2 Reiki (Mari Hall) in 2001 and level 3 in 2010.⠀⠀
I hold a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Health and Community Services and have taken a whole host of short courses in advanced reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), energy work practices, aromatherapy, flower remedies and bodywork techniques.⠀⠀
I set up camp in Malta, Europe in 2011 and now offer one to one therapeutic services and deliver therapeutic and transformational workshops and retreats in Malta, the UK and across mainland Europe and host online programmes.⠀⠀
If you want to find out more ask me a question in the comments or send me a DM.⠀⠀
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)) The 4 Moyle-Ations ((⠀
Phases of Stepping outside the Comfort Zone ⠀

1) Recording videos of myself sharing bodywork practices for other therapists⠀

2) Standing on stage in front of 300 Business women, sharing what I know about running a business in a female body (more about that in a future post)⠀

Aaaaannnnnd in doing these things I have noticed I go through 4 phases that I thought I would share with you in case they resonate⠀

a) Procrastination⠀
Yeah we all know this one.⠀
Organising books into height/colour order, messaging all you friends, sorting the tupperware cupboard and doing ALL the THINGS except THE THING.⠀

b) Trepidation⠀
So this describes the phase of trying to do the thing but stumbling a lot and occasionally slipping back into Procrastination. This is probably the most uncomfortable phase, it's not like the denial of Procrastination and not yet celebration.⠀

c) Integration⠀
So this one is fun, it's where you have passed the fuck it, lets do the thing and have been doing the thing for a while and are maybe getting a bit good at doing the thing. I like this phase.⠀

d) Celebration⠀
This is the YAY I did the freaking THING phase, go me, victory dance, beaming from ear to ear. Who doesn't love this phase?⠀

So now when I have a new, uncomfortable thing to do I remind myself that there are some phases about it that feel lovely and it helps me start the thing...⠀

What are your phases? Where do you get the most stuck? How does it feel? Share your thoughts in the comments or GIF away...⠀

Cat ❤️⠀

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)) Client Testimonials speak for themselves (( ⠀
: ⠀
"I'm going to try to hold on to the feeling of my huge treasure chest of gold for as long as possible."⠀
: ⠀
The work doesn't always have to be hard, it isn't always about releasing and it isn't always about overcoming something...sometimes it's about receiving, opening, creating and acknowledging something that was already within; but maybe it just lay dormant. We all have our own treasure chest within. ⠀
: ⠀
To book your one to one amanae session DM, email me at cat@butterflytherapies.com or contact me on +356 9964 6166⠀

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)) Brave Hearts ((⠀
: ⠀
As yesterday’s opening the heart workshop attendees shared their thoughts, feelings and feedback on their time in circle with one another it struck me AGAIN how much courage it takes to show up for this work. Whether it is trusting your intuitive voice to sign up for a workshop, or agreeing to take these steps in support of your partner, whether it is impulsively joining a programme at the last minute or considering it carefully for weeks on end it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how you stand up for yourself, it just matters that you have made the choice to.⠀
: ⠀
I made a choice 12 months ago to only work in partnership with those who want to explore things together. With those who no longer want to hand responsibility for their healing, development, attitude or mood change or any aspect of their health to another, to an ‘expert’ or ‘guru’ or even ‘healer’. To those who are willing to understand that the only way to do this work is themselves, albeit often in partnership or with the support of peers, practitioners, loved ones or guides - because it’s tough work sometimes and collaboration can help a LOT.⠀
: ⠀
So as we sat in circle, all 10 of us knew - on some level - that we had taken a brave step just to show up for ourselves. It is my hope that I am always able to honour that courage in the work that I do. So be it.⠀
Thank you to those of you who came and to those of you who were thinking about it there will be another workshop in Feb 2020 - watch this space.⠀

�Cat ❤️ ⠀

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