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)) Come and Sit a While ((

Who needs a bit of time out from all the mind-noise, COVID talk, lockdown lunacy and general daily WTF-ery.

Somewhere to come and hang out and quench these tired souls of ours with a bit of love, care and compassion?

I feel deeply called to create a space for this and to share it with you again.

Gentle Sunday 2 - is from my heart to yours ❤

Lets hang out on the sofa, wrapped in blankets and drink tea and not have to effort or do or be anything other than exactly what we are.

Lets spend some time in restful repose and stop all the bloody doing.

I will share a breathing practice, there will be a meditation, we will listen to some soothing sounds, we might do some gentle movement, we will be kind to our nervous systems, we will create space and allow ourselves to ask for what we need, let's be supported.

To join me send an email or DM me here and I will send you the details.

Donations of €15+ will be welcome but if you are not able to donate you can come for free.

This one is NOT listed on my website but the FB link is in the BIO under Gentle Sunday.

Share this with anyone you think might need quenched...
And see you on the sofa.
Much love
Cat x
Image Credit Aaron Burden on @Unsplash

)) Meditate for Air ((

Each morning, mostly without fail, I meditate for 20 minutes or more.

As an overthinker, it's a practice I find really challenging.

As soon as my eyes open in the morning the thought tsunami crashes through my mind

And tries to take me with it.

Everytime I reflect on this with my fellow overthinkers I see the nod of recognition. Meditation IS hard.

A wise woman I once met taught me to lean into the practices that are the opposite of our preferences. To walk not run, to be soft in my yoga not rigid, to yield not push and to not always feed the desire to know and think more.

Thinking, analysing, interpreting, seeking cerebral understanding is juicy to me, it's enjoyable and stimulating and exciting.

And it is not always what I need more of.

And so practicing meditation is challenging.

Being quiet, still, observant but not participative is challenging for us overthinkers. We dont want to sit in the thoughts, we want to engage with them and manage things and order them and we can end up stuck in the tsunami of them, gasping for air.

The meditation practice that I begin each day with is like finding air.

The three and a half seconds of stillness I met in the 20 minutes of wild thought waves today was glorious. Spacious and fresh and cool and clear and just as revitalising as seeking understanding.

So my invitation to overthinkers is to lean into it, to find a practice that helps you stop swimming in the tsunami to find the pockets of air so you can breathe in something new.

A good place to start is with a meditation that has a focus. Download the free body based meditation practice from my website or dm me if you want to help figure it out together x

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)) Don't sell yourself short ((

Connect with your audience they said
Write a regular post introducing yourself they said

Tell people about your likes and dislikes, help them get to know you, this will build connection, but don't overshare yeah, don't be negative, be upbeat, the world needs upbeat you, people are looking to you.

Laugh about how you have named your hot water bottle Wilson

Don't tell them you spend at least 30 minutes a day sobbing uncontrollably on the kitchen floor

Share stories about your new found bread making skills, and not stories about how you feel like your ability to string sentences together is regressing the less contact you have with people.

Fuck that
Honesty is all right now.
Holding it together for the sake of social media is not helpful for this nervous system.

And honesty means alllll of it. All of the stories.
The good, the bad and the ugly because we are whole humans, complex and messy, beautiful and rare and even though it doesn't always feel like it we CAN hold all of that in one system, if we connect.

The connections I make from my own vulnerability and the connections I see in the support spaces I hold are deep and resourcing, quenching and soothing. These connections go way beyond the connections I feel and see from the shiny "everything is awesome" posts.

Because at times I can hold and at times I need to be held. At times I am out there giving and others I am retreating to receive In these times of depleted energy and immune systems and battered nervous systems and grief and loneliness and delight and love and joy and depth and truth we have to connect to others to survive.

Others are life force.

We > Me

And that means there is a dance, a weaving of all of us, of all of our stories, of our wholeness and our emptiness and our wholeness again.

This is my truth. What is yours?

Cat ❤️

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)) Rising ((

There is something rising to the surface.

In these times it is making itself known clearly.

It is something I first discovered in my amanae training.

But the depths of which are now revealed.

It is the only medicine I have to offer right now and it is gentleness.

I have applied it liberally to myself as a test and I think it helps.

It is not always what is needed, but right now, in these times, it seems important and it is seeping into everything I am sharing.

Gentleness keeps things as simple as possible.

Gentleness is a return to what feels good.

Gentleness is resting not resisting, not grasping or fighting but falling softly if you need to.

Gentleness is remembering we are here to catch one another. Gentleness is Us, community, togetherness.

Gentleness is sometimes smooth, sometimes soft,

Gentleness is quenching.

This is what I offer.

How and where I offer it this month is listed in my bio. Follow the thread that calls you if you need gentleness.

Cat xx

)) Together ((

Even as an independent Aquarian I have always known We Is the Key.

We is how we grow
We is how we learn
We is how we create sure

We is also how we rest
We is how we regulate
We is ingrained in our body system

I am running a space this Sunday for We.
For all that you need to bring
For all that is going on in your world, your mind, your heart.
Come and be held
Come and be supported
Come and be We

And stop carrying that shizz on your own.

Gentle Sunday link in Bio.
PM me your email address for the log in details.

Cat x

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)) Head Strong to Heart Smart ((
Overthinkers and Smart, Savvy Souls will often find themselves amidst the swirling thought mess, disconnected from their clarity and a little harsh on themselves.

This touches me deeply, I recognise it and so did Pippa.

She was over it.

So she joined the embodied coaching programme Head Strong to Heart Smart and along with 10 other women began to return to the heart of the matter.

That we are more than just our minds, that we have so much more to bring to the party than just our brains and that in doing that we find the presence, clarity and connection we seek.

The next programme runs from 11th February 2021 and the doors are open now if you recognise this in you too and want to join us.

Link in Bio/Events.

Combine you strong mind with your smart heart.

Cat <3

#embodiment #coaching #bodywisdom #getclear #getconnected #headstrong #heartsmart❤️

)) Out Out ((

I finally am allowed out!
This morning's walk was such a sweet and tender experience.
I missed it, so I savoured it.
And was reminded that this kind of attention is available to me every day.
I can come with this much reverence to anything I choose.
So be it.

What do you miss?
What is important to you?
What can you savour?

Have a glorious day ❤️

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)) Time is Rubber ((

A wise Finn I once met in Singapore many moons ago said this to me and it stuck. My dear friend @crasterkippers and I often quote it. It refers to how time sometimes goes fast and sometimes oh so slow. Did you ever notice that?

I am on the last day of my third quarantine. I have navigated it with grace and fury in equal measure and the time has sped by like a greyhound and crawled like a snail.

When I am in "when will all of this be over" mode time seems to grind to a halt, the second hand stills and I feel like I can not bear the wait. It is in this moment that the gift arrives.

What can you not bear to wait for?
What is this telling you about what's important?
How familiar is this feeling?
When did you first feel this way?
What is here to be revealed?

I know it's cheesy AF but the present really is in the presence.

And of course I don't always have the 'time' or energy for this investigation but when I do, it helps the clock to start ticking again.

What do you discover when time plays it's rubber game?

Be gentle as you explore and if you want to spend a morning exploring together DM me for details of a small offering to do just this next weekend.

#awareness #timeisateacher #listen #askquestions #slowdown #whatsunderneath #whoareyou #seeds #soil #growth

)) Finding it with my Fingertips ((

It's been a rocky few weeks. Grief, lockdowns, isolation, sadness, darkness, winter.

My capacity to be there for myself has felt compromised.

My capacity to be there for others equally so, and we are all going through it aren't we.

I have found myself journalling on something that has proved very resourcing though and I wanted to share it.

At the end of a particularly tough day (online funerals in isolation really are not for the faint hearted) I found myself writing a list of all the moments of love I had witnessed that day. The mother touching the coffin, the nerves in the voice of the person doing the reading, the message a friend had sent me wishing me well, the refrains in the music I listened to to soothe, the choice of many to stay away from the funeral in love and honour of those who could not.

It struck me, in amongst all the things we hear and all the ways we are dealing with these times, how much is driven by love...

Wearing a mask can be an act of love
Staying at home can be an act of love
Home schooling the kids might not find you in your most loving state but it's love nonetheless.
Each time we show up, get out of bed or choose to stay in bed cos it's a bit much, it's an act of love.
Writing this post is an act of love.

Some days I am really reaching out to connect to this idea but every time my fingertips find something which shows me that it's still here, love, it still exists, it always will.

Love activates us, it is the fuel that moves us and when I remember that everything feels a little more manageable.

Cat ❤️

#love #embodiment #embodimentcoach #thesetimes #journalling #headstrong #heartsmart

Join me in February for an embodiment programme plugging you back into your heart. Link in bio x

)) Messy but Mine ((

I had to confess recently to someone I don't know very well (but perhaps am trying to impress) that I am in fact pretty messy.

This is today's morning mess, a cosy balcony corner to write and contemplate and breathe. To slowly explore more of myself. To rediscover (but more potently to reclaim) all parts of myself, messy and tidy, wild and woven.

I am grateful to @livethreesixty and the Sovereign programme for providing today's tools.

I am grateful to my amanae practice for teaching me how to stay with the discomfort

I am even grateful to this quarantine (number 3) for allowing me to really sit in the life I have created and not distract myself out of the difficult bits.

I know there is gold in this practice of presence.
Of being over doing.
Of body over mind.
Of love over fear.

How are you doing today?
What part of yourself are you remembering?
What part of you reclaiming?

#reclaimyourself #amanae #
#truth #sovereign #embodiedwisdom #messAF

)) Small But Mighty Celebration ((⠀

I am starting a celebratory thread of the small but mighty moments of 2020.⠀
Join me and share the tiny moments of 2020 that gave you the boost you needed to keep going, to reach out to others, to do what you needed to do in the year that changed us all.⠀

>> Weekly sea swims from March when it all began - that connection with nature became my stepping stone through 2020.⠀
>> A hug after months without touch.⠀
>> A zoom conversation that resulted in laughter unstoppable.⠀
>> The honesty from those in the circles and programmes I have been part of this year - and the audible sigh of relief from everyone else as they realise they are NOT alone.⠀
>> A favourite tune coming on the radio and stopping everything to sing along and be in the joy of that.⠀
>> Appreciation of the home I have created.⠀
>> The comfort and warmth of bed when getting up was all a bit too much to bear.⠀
>> The 'cup of coffee' donations I received when income was affected by not being able to do handson work for a while⠀
>> The generosity of friends offering to shop for me during my COVID quarantine.⠀
>> A tea shared with a friend in the autumn sunshine.⠀
So many more but I want to hear yours in the comments below...⠀
Lets end 2020 well. ⠀
Cat ❤⠀
Photo Credit - by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash⠀
PS - To join my love-letter list for 2021 where we do stuff like this and I share from my heart about this life and how to handle it without your head exploding. Link in Bio for that⠀

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)) Nature Nature Nature ((

)) Groovy Groovy Groovy ((

In a #gozo walk yesterday I passed this field. Nothing spectacular I hear you say and yet it made me stop and think.

The grooves here are ready to receive the seeds that will one day unfurl into crops to feed us.

The land has been prepared.But the seasons govern what happens when here, not man.

The temperature says it's time not man.

Time has been spent to understand nature and how to work with it. To create from this dance of nature and nurture.

Much like this life, I am learning to be led by nature, by what presents itself to me. To lean in, to bring a little of my effort to till the land but to allow the seeds to be nourished by the unknown forces around me, to tend to the plants with my love and attention but not to demand they grow with my will.

Thank you nature for being so groovy.

Thank you for the reminders.

Love Cat ♥️

#nature #groovy #gozo #gaia #yinandyang #flowtogrow

)) Nature Nature Nature ((

I'm in the process of resetting my nervous system after some BIG TIME expansion and stretch.

I'm allowing the contraction to take place surrounded by as much nature as possible.

It's both a challenge and a gift to feel how life impacts the body. There is so much wisdom in the body and so much to honour and respect. And that can be hard when the demands of life ask us to ignore or bypass it. I am working to integrate, to trust that my bodies wisdom is as important as my mind's and to be prepared to stand by it when life demands otherwise.

I am remembering my biological nature and my relationship to the ecosystem. I am stepping into the spaces in and around me.

I am sharing what I learn 🌊🍃🕳️❤️⭕

#deeptrust #embodimemt #embodimentcoach #bodyisboss #thiswholehuman #integratedapproach #life #love #nature #nervoussystemreset

)) Nature Nature Nature ((

After 6 weeks of pretty solid screen time helping to run The Embodiment Conference, I am taking a few days breathing in the curves and waves of nature.

Some time away from straight lines and artificial lights and back into nature, to remind me of my nature. With ebbs and flows and waves 🌊 and wildness, free flowing and unconstrained by deadlines and to do lists.

Because balance is best and nature nurtures.🍃

See you on the other side ❤️

#nature #embodimentcoach #embodimemt #reset #balance #breathe #sunset #gozo #slowthefuckdown #learnfromtheearth #glorious #gaia

)) A warm hello to you and your body - to new followers and old alike ((⠀

I am Cat Moyle and I am an Intuitive Bodyworker and Embodiment Coach and I am obsessed with bodies. ⠀⠀
I have just finished hosting AND presenting at @theembodimentconference about the work that I love. Supporting head strong folx to become more heart smart. I am speaking to you my overthinker, overplanner, analyst, philosopher, procrastinator, those of you that find some comfort in your thoughts, in intellect, in ideas, in concepts but for whom the area below the neck is more of a mystery.⠀
I work with people who are curious to know more about their emotional territory so they can show up and connect in different ways.⠀
I work with people who want to 'up their game' in relation to their emotions and develop their emotional fluency.⠀
<3 ⠀
I work with people who aren't sure what to do with their emotions when they become too big or aren't clear.⠀
<3 ⠀
I work with people who are tired of being up in their heads 'all the time' ⠀
I work with those of you seeking ways to navigate life with all the wisdom available not JUST that from your head. ⠀
<3 ⠀
I am a yogi, novice meditator, over sharer, altruist, optimist, prolific swearer, dancefloor demon and massive fan of sounds and the sea.⠀I am a fierce believer in you and your body’s ability to deal with whatever life throws at you. I understand the powerful scientific connection between our emotional health and our physical wellbeing.⠀⠀
I am committed to sharing anything I learn that might help you remember that via online programmes, group workshops and 1-2-1 sessions.⠀
In over 15 years of this work I have learnt that we do this work together, that being fixed by a ‘healer’ is not the way to sustainable mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health. That the days of handing over your health to someone else to remedy are over and that it is you, supported by a strong network, that finds the healthiest path through life 4 u.⠀⠀⠀⠀
I would love to hear from you below or in the DMs about yr relationship to yr body. Good, bad, complicated, simple, confusing, clear and all else.⠀
Much love to you⠀
Cat <3⠀⠀


I am speaking at THE oh so amazing, currently happening, totally free EMBODIMENT CONFERENCE.

My session is on 23rd October 2020 at 6am UK Time / 7am CET
And you can join me live or watch for 48 hours after by joining the (CURRENTLY FREAKING FREE) conference.

I will be talking about the Treasure Chest of the Heart, how it can help us figure out what is going on and what to do about it just as effectively as our brain (maybe better).

At a time when EVERYTHING is being challenged, who doesn't want another guide for navigating life?

Particularly helpful for those of us who over-rely on our brains for guidance but know there is a wiser way.

Come and rummage through the treasure chest and find a shiny compass, map and flashlight for accessing more freedom, space, strength, calmness (yeah i know right?), clarity and focus for the months ahead.

You can ALSO get to access 1000 speakers sessions, across 10 channels including TEC Intimacy and Relationships which is the channel I am on.

COME ON IN LOVES, the water is lovely 🙂 https://theembodimentconference.org/#CatMoyle

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)) COVID Chronicles - Day 4, 5 + 6 ((

What Rest Really Feels like

Half way through Monday I started to feel really tired, my body felt heavy and my mind felt weary.

I finally had to admit that resting myself was the only option.

And here's what that felt like

⛔Resistance - it took me 3 hours of "doing just one more thing" before I laid down to rest

🧠Mental gymnastics - overthinking the "best way to rest"

😿And oh so emotional.

I was
😤 annoyed that I wasn't going to stick to my committment of instagramming my retreat daily

😠 frustrated that my immune system "wasn't" fighting this virus off symptom free
😢 sad that I am on my own and have to look after myself
😡angry that I had let myself catch it
😞shameful that I had passed it onto someone else
😨fearful that I might have long covid (apparently that's a thing),
😱scared that I might pass out, that I might not wake up, that COVID19 might kill me. Highly irrational I know but all part of the process of coming to rest.

🏳️Because rest means a little surrender.

💔It means all the measures I put in place to manage life have to crumble.

⚰️It is a death of sorts and it is not easy for this 👑 queen of control.

❤️In my Body is Boss programme we spend the first month practicing rest.💤 In fact, we are drawing together an incredible list of rest techniques which I will share here soon ✍️. And we revisit the theme each month, allowing it to be the foundation 🏥 of all the work that we do together.

😔Because we all need rest.

💻Because rest is a part of our bodies operating system.

💪Because rest is a radical act.

⚡Because how we come to rest tells us so much about how we come to life.

Thank you COVID19 for teaching me to rest again.

Much love Cat x

See you tomorrow (maybe) insta folx for the latest news from CoronaRest HQ

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