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)) Nature Nature Nature ((

)) Groovy Groovy Groovy ((

In a #gozo walk yesterday I passed this field. Nothing spectacular I hear you say and yet it made me stop and think.

The grooves here are ready to receive the seeds that will one day unfurl into crops to feed us.

The land has been prepared.But the seasons govern what happens when here, not man.

The temperature says it's time not man.

Time has been spent to understand nature and how to work with it. To create from this dance of nature and nurture.

Much like this life, I am learning to be led by nature, by what presents itself to me. To lean in, to bring a little of my effort to till the land but to allow the seeds to be nourished by the unknown forces around me, to tend to the plants with my love and attention but not to demand they grow with my will.

Thank you nature for being so groovy.

Thank you for the reminders.

Love Cat ♥️

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)) Nature Nature Nature ((

I'm in the process of resetting my nervous system after some BIG TIME expansion and stretch.

I'm allowing the contraction to take place surrounded by as much nature as possible.

It's both a challenge and a gift to feel how life impacts the body. There is so much wisdom in the body and so much to honour and respect. And that can be hard when the demands of life ask us to ignore or bypass it. I am working to integrate, to trust that my bodies wisdom is as important as my mind's and to be prepared to stand by it when life demands otherwise.

I am remembering my biological nature and my relationship to the ecosystem. I am stepping into the spaces in and around me.

I am sharing what I learn 🌊🍃🕳️❤️⭕

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)) Nature Nature Nature ((

After 6 weeks of pretty solid screen time helping to run The Embodiment Conference, I am taking a few days breathing in the curves and waves of nature.

Some time away from straight lines and artificial lights and back into nature, to remind me of my nature. With ebbs and flows and waves 🌊 and wildness, free flowing and unconstrained by deadlines and to do lists.

Because balance is best and nature nurtures.🍃

See you on the other side ❤️

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)) A warm hello to you and your body - to new followers and old alike ((⠀

I am Cat Moyle and I am an Intuitive Bodyworker and Embodiment Coach and I am obsessed with bodies. ⠀⠀
I have just finished hosting AND presenting at @theembodimentconference about the work that I love. Supporting head strong folx to become more heart smart. I am speaking to you my overthinker, overplanner, analyst, philosopher, procrastinator, those of you that find some comfort in your thoughts, in intellect, in ideas, in concepts but for whom the area below the neck is more of a mystery.⠀
I work with people who are curious to know more about their emotional territory so they can show up and connect in different ways.⠀
I work with people who want to 'up their game' in relation to their emotions and develop their emotional fluency.⠀
<3 ⠀
I work with people who aren't sure what to do with their emotions when they become too big or aren't clear.⠀
<3 ⠀
I work with people who are tired of being up in their heads 'all the time' ⠀
I work with those of you seeking ways to navigate life with all the wisdom available not JUST that from your head. ⠀
<3 ⠀
I am a yogi, novice meditator, over sharer, altruist, optimist, prolific swearer, dancefloor demon and massive fan of sounds and the sea.⠀I am a fierce believer in you and your body’s ability to deal with whatever life throws at you. I understand the powerful scientific connection between our emotional health and our physical wellbeing.⠀⠀
I am committed to sharing anything I learn that might help you remember that via online programmes, group workshops and 1-2-1 sessions.⠀
In over 15 years of this work I have learnt that we do this work together, that being fixed by a ‘healer’ is not the way to sustainable mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health. That the days of handing over your health to someone else to remedy are over and that it is you, supported by a strong network, that finds the healthiest path through life 4 u.⠀⠀⠀⠀
I would love to hear from you below or in the DMs about yr relationship to yr body. Good, bad, complicated, simple, confusing, clear and all else.⠀
Much love to you⠀
Cat <3⠀⠀


I am speaking at THE oh so amazing, currently happening, totally free EMBODIMENT CONFERENCE.

My session is on 23rd October 2020 at 6am UK Time / 7am CET
And you can join me live or watch for 48 hours after by joining the (CURRENTLY FREAKING FREE) conference.

I will be talking about the Treasure Chest of the Heart, how it can help us figure out what is going on and what to do about it just as effectively as our brain (maybe better).

At a time when EVERYTHING is being challenged, who doesn't want another guide for navigating life?

Particularly helpful for those of us who over-rely on our brains for guidance but know there is a wiser way.

Come and rummage through the treasure chest and find a shiny compass, map and flashlight for accessing more freedom, space, strength, calmness (yeah i know right?), clarity and focus for the months ahead.

You can ALSO get to access 1000 speakers sessions, across 10 channels including TEC Intimacy and Relationships which is the channel I am on.

COME ON IN LOVES, the water is lovely 🙂 https://theembodimentconference.org/#CatMoyle

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)) COVID Chronicles - Day 4, 5 + 6 ((

What Rest Really Feels like

Half way through Monday I started to feel really tired, my body felt heavy and my mind felt weary.

I finally had to admit that resting myself was the only option.

And here's what that felt like

⛔Resistance - it took me 3 hours of "doing just one more thing" before I laid down to rest

🧠Mental gymnastics - overthinking the "best way to rest"

😿And oh so emotional.

I was
😤 annoyed that I wasn't going to stick to my committment of instagramming my retreat daily

😠 frustrated that my immune system "wasn't" fighting this virus off symptom free
😢 sad that I am on my own and have to look after myself
😡angry that I had let myself catch it
😞shameful that I had passed it onto someone else
😨fearful that I might have long covid (apparently that's a thing),
😱scared that I might pass out, that I might not wake up, that COVID19 might kill me. Highly irrational I know but all part of the process of coming to rest.

🏳️Because rest means a little surrender.

💔It means all the measures I put in place to manage life have to crumble.

⚰️It is a death of sorts and it is not easy for this 👑 queen of control.

❤️In my Body is Boss programme we spend the first month practicing rest.💤 In fact, we are drawing together an incredible list of rest techniques which I will share here soon ✍️. And we revisit the theme each month, allowing it to be the foundation 🏥 of all the work that we do together.

😔Because we all need rest.

💻Because rest is a part of our bodies operating system.

💪Because rest is a radical act.

⚡Because how we come to rest tells us so much about how we come to life.

Thank you COVID19 for teaching me to rest again.

Much love Cat x

See you tomorrow (maybe) insta folx for the latest news from CoronaRest HQ

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)) Crossings and Control ((

This woman is the visual representation of me these days. Head scratching, mid crossing, contemplating switching back to the side I came from.

Not committed, not here, not there either.

I am not a fan of this space, this not knowing, this headscratching time, this questioning.

And yet I can spend months in the middle of such bridges. My own birth was like this. I stayed in the birth canal for time, not ready to come into the world and when I did it was awkward AF, sorry mum.

So how do I resolve that dichotomy.

I am trying to bring love to it.

I am trying to bring love to the part of me starts and stops and gets stuck and the part of me that knows it's a necessary part of the process.

I am trying to bring love to the part of me that doesn't want to feel the messiness of it, of life, of society, of pandemics and poverty and racism.

To love the headscratching, the uncertainty, the questions, the wtf am I doing, the wtf is the world doing.

And that love, as I was reminded to day, by @embodiedmovementcoach is an embodied act.

It is not a trying, it is not a thought process, it is not a mental task, it is a bodily practice.

So I hold myself, and my heart, and I breathe and I feel. And I stand in the middle of the bridge and I allow myself to be there with love.

Cat ❤️

#love #selflove #thiswholehuman #embodimentcoach #trusttheprocess

📷 Sandie Clarke @unsplash

)) Forget Sorry, Help seems to be the hardest word for some of us ((

When was the last time you asked for help?

Be honest now...

Are you any good at asking for help?

Take a breath, take a moment... and be really honest with me...

If the answer is YES, I'm ALWAYS asking for help... no need to read on my love.

But if you can not remember the last time you did it, or you KNOW you have judgements about people who do ask for help... then this might be an interesting read for you.

In my recent Embodiment for Life session (live on FB every Thursday), I spoke about THIS very topic.

I invited everyone to scratch the surface...I posed some questions.

I asked how you feel about asking for help...

And began explore why some of us find it sooooo hard to say "help me"?

I shared some of my own experiences with asking for help and receiving so much more than I expected.

And, there's only so far we can go on a 30 minute FB live.

But you know, if we take our time to begin an embodied exploration of this area we can begin to explore some of the random things we do INSTEAD of asking for help (that also don't necessarily get us where we need to be)

And we can begin to identify how to work with and through the issue of asking for help and learning to receive.

So we can begin to learn to give AND receive help (they are part of the same thing) with more ease, to even begin to enjoy it AND to reap all the additional benefits that come with letting someone give to us.

Where in your life do you know THAT would make a difference?


If this sounds interesting, click the link below for more info about a short 1/2 day workshop I am running later this month on THAT very work. Embodiment techniques exploring our relationship to receiving.


Come and find out how to ask for help without it being weird x

Much love

Cat xx

Image Credit: Christian Newman at Unsplash

)) Storm love ((

For the past few years I have had this strange repeated experience of the weather reflecting my mood.

And it has been a vibrant few years.

House move, relationship end, career shift, pandemic, loss of loved ones, hormone shift, more self discovery.

Today the weather is stormy and so am I.

I am not so bold as to say I am creating the weather (although that would be a cool superpower). I suspect it is more that as these years have unfolded and I have been once again humbled by the enormity of living and the vast expansiveness of nature and time, that I have come to see myself as connected to more things, dependant on and influencing of the world around me. Aware of the ripples. Aware of what I am shown and what I show.

Thank you to the rousing storms and hopeful sunrises and grey days and cleansing showers, thank you to the warmth and openness of the sun and to the wild winds of change while I wonder my path.

Much love.
Cat <3

#weather #reflections #storm #life

Thanks to Luke Stackpoole of @unsplash for the image

)) Are you feeling it? ((

Of course you are, you are not dormant.

You are in it, living it and most definitely feeling it.

The change (the constant bloody change), the unpredictability, the routine, the seasons shifting, the boundary re-negotiation, the heat, the cold, the softness and the hard edges.

It's life isn't it?

And sometimes we need some support to deal with it.

That's what my new Embodiment for Life Facebook lives are for.

For sharing support, for sharing techniques, for sharing a space where we can be in it, where we can all feel it, together, with all the messy grace we can muster.

If you could do with some of that, come and join me live or on the replay in my FB space.

Link in Bio.

Love in spades.

Cat x

Thanks to @redsparrowdesign for the gorgeous graffixxx


With love to the women who shared this challenge who are inspirational in unique and powerful ways @vanessacoleiro @elliecarl1 @gabriellaespinosa

And to the women I don't know but stand with and celebrate too.

The women of Turkey who started this hashtag as a way to highlight the number of femicide cases often documented by showing a black and white image of a woman's face.

The women of colour who's daily reality I can not even begin to imagine but for whom I hope my love and support is helpful and for whom I am trying to learn to be better.

The women who are sex trafficked domestically or internationally.

The women working in industries dominated by misogyny but still they stand.

The women of my mother's and grandmothers generations for whom life was tougher in some ways than today.

The women who create life, the women who create art, the women who create community.

I stand with you x

)) What a Week ((

Hello Love
How are you?
How's your week been?
Does your Friday feel like a Friday or are the week/weekend boundaries still blurry?
The reason I ask is to remind you that it is genuinely Friday and therefore just three days till Sunday.

Why is Sunday important?

Because at midnight on Sunday I close the booking window on something I am incredibly excited to be running for the first time online. The first wave of the Body Is Boss Programme (link in bio)

All this week I have been running online sessions called your Body's Guide to... and sharing a whole host of magical techniques for ways in which you can listen to your body, to unfold the great map that it offers to help you navigate life.

Techniques for helping you relax, release tension, connect to others, be more honest, express yourself and just the ride the wild wild waves of recent times.

It's been amazing to share these with you and have you join me online to try them for yourself. If you missed any you can still catch them on replay on my page and there are two more happening today. Your body's guide to staying steady in wild times AND your body as a blanket along with a QnA about the Body is Boss programme.

The techniques I have been sharing are a taste of the deep dive we will take together on the Body is Boss Programme which starts on 1st August.

As Midday Sunday approaches I add each new joiner to the Body is Boss wall above my desk and I am really looking forward to working with these women and turning our attention to our bodies as place from which we can live more calm, strong and more authentic lives. Moving away from the tiredness of trying too hard and trying to please everyone else. Moving towards the infinite wisdom our body has to offer. Moving towards a balanced, grounded, nurtured place that we can say YES or NO from freely. Moving from confusion about tension, pain and discomfort, to a deep understanding of what this shows us. Moving into our cyclic selves and moving into more wholesome connection to ourselves and others.

And doing this work in a supportive circle so we can all learn and practice and grow.

I'm excited.

Are you coming to join us?

Link in bio

)) Body Is Boss ((⠀

I have been diving deep these past few months to figure out how to navigate these strange times (as have we all) and the tools that have served me the best have been the ones deeply rooted in the body. It is in the body I have felt the pain, the joy, the tension, the confusion, so it is to the body I go to explore and unravel that.⠀

And now it is time to begin to share some of the tools with you for the life we are now living.⠀

So I am bringing the BODY IS BOSS PROGRAMME out of the shadows and into the light of day for the very first time.⠀

This programme supports women who are curious about the role their body has to play in navigating life. We work to create more congruence in your life, to tap into the power that comes from that and to develop deep respect for your body and what it is showing you. I contribute simple body-based techniques, coaching and advice to a supportive community so we can all step into the fullest versions of ourselves.⠀

)) Who is this for? ((⠀
All women who want to know more about the role their bodies can play in navigating life.⠀

All women who want some more tools for handling stress⠀

All women who want to learn how to listen to their body when making choices⠀

All women who want to learn more about their cyclic nature and how to harness it⠀

All women who want to understand the role the body has to play in communicating more clearly⠀

All women who want to be in better relationship with their body⠀

All women who want to find more steadiness in this wild world⠀

The collective energy is an important part of this work, really, we do it together so it’s for women who are drawn to learning from one another.⠀

Is this you?⠀

Details continue in first comment....

)) Stronger Together - A Support Collective (( ⠀

How are you?⠀
How are things for you after the recent strangeness?⠀
I’m feeling like it was the therapy we all needed but I know it has been intense in different ways for all of us. ⠀

I want to quickly share something with you that has been created during this time for bodyworkers that you may be interested in checking out more closely. There is some info below… let me know if you have any questions or want to know more or if you are ready to dive right in I would love that too!⠀

Under the clouds of COVID19 a community has formed. ⠀

One in which you can come and share what you wish you had learned known earlier in your career, or ask for advice from your future self, lean on support, or offer your expertise, swap tales with other fellow folks who work with bodies... all so we can better serve the bodies we move...⠀

We share stories of marketing flips and flops, hold one another through the ups and downs of biz, help each other explore boundaries, seek therapeutic support, work through personal stuff together or just hang out and feel a little less alone in leading this work. ⠀
We flow together so we can grow together⠀

Does that sound like something you might want to be part of? We would love to have you.⠀

Come and say hi x⠀

��Bodyworkers Collective - Stronger Together⠀


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)) Bodies are Nature ((⠀
I recently attended an incredible conference about Embodiment and Pain a few days/weeks/(maybe months?) ago. The opening session was with Narelle Carter-Quinlan who gently, lovingly decreased the gap between body and planet as a way to flush, gush, drench, rinse the intense sensations from the body. Narelle uses beautiful images of the textures of the planet that you receive with the whole body, while she draws parallels between the fluids, tissue and bones of the body and the waters, sands and rocks of the earth. I want to write about her work for days but the salient point I came to was we can talk about finding flow, we can theorise and quote research and explore neuroscience but ultimately the process of finding flow, (fast or slow) begins internally. We soften state, we begin to go in, we drop out of the mind and allow ourselves to connect with the dance that is happening inside us and it is HERE that we start to find flow.⠀

Powerful Action comes from this place, powerful yang (action), comes from powerful yin (stillness)⠀

So after months of just that (stillness, in-ness, resting, resetting, reassessing) I am emerging into powerful action.⠀

During lockdown exploration I have developed powerful 'Online Intuitive Support' sessions that are blowing my mind and the diary for these is open NOW (link in Bio) ⠀

These sessions can support you to move from stuckness, to allow grief, to feel frustration and move beyond it, to navigate complex emotions, to quiet brain noise, to get clear, to find acceptance, to forgive (self and others), to feel joy, to find comfort, to celebrate allllll that is.⠀

AND my hands-on work calendar IS open again from 6th July 2020 until the end of July. There are only 20 slots so get in touch to book yours. Hands-on sessions will then be back again later in on 24th August 2020⠀

And I launched a support community for bodyworkers and yoga teachers during COVID19 so if that is YOU, come and join the Stronger Together community (link in Bio too) us for all kinds of free and fun magic.⠀

OK loves, I'm signing off with THIS Invitation...⠀

Ask yourself what you most need right now⠀
Much love⠀

Cat <3

A warm welcome to new followers and old alike. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

How are you?⠀⠀
I mean, really how are you?⠀
What is your relationship to the world right now? ⠀
What is showing up? ⠀

I bet it’s not the same as it was 12 weeks ago when I last wrote my not so monthly, monthly intro post.⠀
Maybe your response to this question is a mix of physical, emotional and spiritual.⠀
Maybe to answer the question you check in with the internal (you), relational (you+others) and external (everything around you)⠀
I bet it’s multi-faceted, multi-layered and multi-mind your own business at times.⠀
But it’s your response and that all the matters to me.⠀
In this world where everything is being questioned, challenged, called out or celebrated, allowed or disallowed, chastised or criticised it can be easy to shut down, go in, close up so as not to express, offend, disrupt.⠀

It can be tempting to bypass, numb, block out the messy.⠀

You know what happens when we do that? We bypass, numb and block out all of it.⠀
The external, the relational and the internal and that doesn’t help anything change, move, evolve, grow, expand.⠀

You know what my remedy for that is.⠀
More heart.⠀
More heart to you⠀
More heart to those around you⠀
More heart to those who are in pain ⠀
More heart to the whole damn mess⠀

And more heart means less mental analysis, less talking talking and more feeling feeling.�⠀
More body based wisdom.⠀
More patience⠀
More surrender⠀
More small steps into the unknown ⠀
More risking getting it wrong ⠀
More leaning into support⠀
More knowing we don’t have all the answers⠀
More listening⠀
More heart⠀

More heart to all of you and for those of you who don't know me.... here is a bit of background.⠀⠀
Much love⠀⠀
Cat x⠀⠀
I am Cat Moyle, I am an Intuitive Bodyworker & Embodiment Coach⠀
I understand the powerful scientific connection between your emotional health and physical wellbeing.⠀⠀
I focus connecting you deeply with your emotions as a tool for managing your health, becoming calmer, stronger and learning to live more authentically.⠀⠀
I offer online programmes, group workshops and one to one sessions in Europe - links in bio⠀
DM to your hearts content x