• Hello you

    I see you, strong minded, thoughtful and smart.

    I see you courageously figuring out how to best navigate your life.

    And I see the part of you that knows your mind is magic but it might not have all the answers.

    What else can you listen to?

How can we make it stop?

You might have read a bunch of books on being calm, letting go and not sweating the small stuff (how big is your book pile BTW?) or listened to a host of podcasts.

But have you considered that your mind not need any more freaking INPUT.

It might not need any more stimulation.

But rather to be reminded that is ONE part of your whole system.

And that we can work with that WHOLE system – the mind, the nervous system, the heart, the whole body, to make your thinking a powerful part of you again and one that doesn’t take control of:

Your intuition

Your compassion

Your focus

How can the body help?

When we work with your whole system (not just the bit in the skull), through movement (nothing athletic, all accessible), stillness, breath, sound, talking, silence, sensation and touch we can fully explore:

What is going on for you – your patterns
What feels comfortable to you – your preferences
What else might be available to you – your choices

Embodiment work means it is you and your body that leads you to find the way forward.

Embodiment Work for Overthinkers is what I do.

Check out my online offerings, my face to face work – COVID permitting – and find out if we are a good fit.

It really IS all about YOU.

And if you want some DIY time, download this short body-based practice to get you out of your head and into another part of yourself.

Much love

Cat <3

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Image credits

– Photos of Cat Moyle: Dragana Rankovic Photography, Majda Tuomi Photography

– Sleeping Woman: Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

– Womans Back (tinted pink by Cat Moyle):  Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash