• Hello you

    I see you, strong minded, thoughtful and smart.

    I see you courageously figuring out how to best navigate your life.

    And some part of you knows that whilst your mind is magic it might not always have all the answers

    Some part of you wants to reconnect with your whole self beyond your busy busy brain.

    Shall we explore that?

How can we make it stop?

I hear you and your cogs beginning the process of enquiry – How can I stop overthinking… Because already you have likely read a bunch of books on being calm, letting go and not sweating the small stuff (how big is your book pile BTW?)

You listen to the podcasts on neuroscience and psychology and how our minds work.

The truth here is the mind does not need any more freaking INPUT. It doesn’t need more stimulation, it needs soothing and for that we have to turn to the nervous system, the heart and the body as a whole.

How can the body help?

When we focus our attention on our whole system (not just the bit in the skull) we plug back into our body as a powerful tool for navigating life.

There are things we can learn from the body:

Your body is biology

Your body is biography

Your body is boss.

And working with it can help us to plug back into our whole selves. The intuitive, emotional AND the intellectual.

)) To help you to manage your thoughts so they don’t manage you

)) To stop over-complicating everything

)) To stop you overdoing everything and tiring yourself out

)) To get clearer about who you are and what you want

)) To make more informed decisions

)) To support you to explore and allow your emotions well

)) To connect more fully with yourself and others

)) To access that sense of presence you crave

)) To feel a little more alive day to day – even when you feel shit about what’s going on and want to switch off

)) To find more joy and dare we say it pleasure

)) To recognise your patterns, where they might come from…

)) … In order to access more choice in how you show up in the world

)) To harness a little more wisdom

)) To feel at home in your own bones

It is in the body that we begin to work on the above.

It is in the body that we work to support the nervous system, to find some space, to start to explore your emotions, sensations in your body, your whole humanness, of which the mind and your thoughts are an important part, but not the whole.

Embodiment work just means we work with the body. We might use movement (nothing athletic, all accessible), breath, sensation, touch, sound, talking or stillness and silence to explore what is going on for you.

Embodiment work means it is you and your body that leads the work.

Embodiment Work for Overthinkers is what I do.

Check out my online offerings, my face to face work – COVID permitting – and find out a) if we are a good fit and b) whether working with me one to one or in a group setting would work best for you*

It really IS all about YOU.

And if you want some DIY time, download this short body-based practice to get you out of your head and into another part of yourself.

Much love

Cat <3

Image credits

– Photo of Cat Moyle: Majda Tuomi Photography

– Sleeping Woman: Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

– Womans Back (tinted pink by Cat Moyle):  Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash