• Hello you

    I see you, courageously figuring out how to best navigate your physical and emotional health and ultimately your life.

    You already know what good feels like in your cells and you know that you can affect how you feel by connecting to your body.

    It is here that we can quiet the noise, listen to our wisdom and learn to live stronger, calmer & more authentically.

    And it requires you to show up for yourself.

    Are you ready for that work?

    A free meditation to bring you into the body

Simple Body Based practice for calming things down when we feel scattered, confused, emotional, stuck, wobbly, panicky, scared or angry.

My letter to you

We have learnt to disconnect from our bodies as a transformative tool, a teacher, a manifesting machine, a power palace, our safe place, our home.

This disconnect can show up as:

pain; tension; disease; anxiety; depression; frustration with your body; feeling like you are amidst a swirling thought mess; feeling stuck; being stuck in unhelpful patterns; finding it hard to express yourself; feeling confused by what you want; knowing what you want but not being able to manifest it; lack of focus, feeling at the mercy of your emotions; self sabotaging or choosing unhelpful habits; feeling heavy; wanting to let go but not knowing how and plain old tiredness with life.

When any of that shows up we try different techniques. Some of these work for life, some for a while and some not at all. And each time we start a new practice or programme it takes a lot of energy. It can feel overwhelming to deal with because the unknown (i.e. figuring out what to do) is daunting, so we sometimes choose (consciously or unconsciously) to stay put in these states rather than stress or stretch ourselves to find another way, or we try the quick fixes when we know the deeper work is what we need.

Despite that, despite being creatures who seek comfort, we know that if someone holds our hand, stands nearby or gives us a few encouraging words, it’s easier to take the steps into the unknown.  It’s why the lyrics of an uplifting song or an internet meme can give us a boost. It is a reminder that we are not alone.

So, these are my intentions.

To stand by you while you do the work, to give you encouragement, to connect you to others who are doing the work and to share what I have learned from being a human, a bodyworker, a therapist, from doing the work on myself and with others. And to offer you the safest most supported space to explore all the different sides of yourself via bodywork, self work, group work and online support.

To help you reconnect with your body as a freedom machine.

To allow and then release tension

To quiet the noise so you can listen to your bodies subtle advice

To be your version of healthy and to learn how to navigate illness when it comes

To understand the deep wisdom of your body

To remember your potent power

And then to loop that learning back around to others who are trying to navigate the same stuff.

The tools I love to share the most are bodywork, breathwork, meditation and energywork, alongside that we might use journaling, vibrational medicine, movement practices and the elements, weaving in a bit of ritual, magic, honesty and love.

So let’s start by gently reminding ourselves what is feels like to spend time in connection with the body with this Heart Trip.

Cat x

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