• Knowledge is just a rumour until it’s felt in the body – African Proverb/The OA

At heart I am an intuitive bodyworker with a strong focus on working together with you to figure out what you (and your body) needs. This means that I work in ‘conversation’ with you to guide the work we will do together and the work requires your input, honesty and openness in order to be effective.

In practice this means

  • a pre-session consultation
  • my support, guidance and coaching during or after the session (e.g. to breathe, move, be gentle, listen, lean in, be present, stay with it)
  • efforts on your part, to continue the work we start on the table
  • follow up information and continued support post session / between sessions.

Online Intuitive Support Sessions

In response to the current COVID-19 situation which finds us restricted in terms of touch, movement and face-to-face sessions I am developing online support sessions, intuitively lead and responsive to what you need right now.

Drawing on teaching you movement and physical touch techniques to DIY during this time, energetic work (reiki) meditation (mindfulness, yoga nidra, taoist approaches) breathwork, releasing techniques and coaching to unwind the body, to let go of tension on all levels & create space.

60 minute session €50 (including 5-10 minute consultation time)
75 minute session €60 (including 5-10 minute consultation time)
90 minute session €70 (including 5-10 minute consultation time)

Or donation based – contact me to discuss this option.

Intuitive Bodywork Sessions

Using a range of physical (massage, therapeutic touch, acupressure, myofascial release), energetic (reiki) meditative (mindfulness, yoga nidra, taoist approaches) coaching and releasing techniques to unwind the body, to let go of tension on all levels & create space.

60 minute session €70
75 minute session €80
90 minute session €90
120 minute session €100


Amanae works deeply with emotion, tension and trauma, it is a form of bodywork that combines pressure to certain points of the body, deep breathing, in-session coaching and support & energy work.

You can read more about it here and contact me to discuss how it might benefit you and whether it is a fit for you.

Full Session €100 (approx. 2 – 2.5 hours)
Follow Up Sessions €90 (approx. 90 mins)
Heart Opening only Session €80 (approx. 1 hour)