• "The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

    – Yung Pueblo

Intuitive Support Online Sessions

The aim of my work is to support people to live calmer, stronger and more authentically.

And I do that work through the body.

So I might  work with people who are looking to deal with major upheaval or life change, with stress, with tension, with uncertainty.

And with people who want to become clearer in response to their thoughts and feelings so they can begin to act more authentically in life.

We work together to find ways of moving through life, relationships, business and health with more ease.

You will know from the difference you feel when you take a few days off, do some exercise or eat a cleaner diet what a difference to your soul and sanity a few changes in the body can make. The rest, relaxation and refreshment that can come is incredible.

Add to that the power of being ‘held’, being listened to, being supported, being allowed to just be can really help us change perspective, become calmer, boost our immune system and generally feel a lot more harmonious with life.

Add to that the specific skills I share garnered from over 15 years of training and fascination with the human body and we can weave real magic in the face of what you bring to these sessions,

Intuitive Support sessions are an evolution of the individual skills I have learnt. It draws on teaching you touch and movement (yoga, massage, therapeutic touch, acupressure, myofascial release), breathwork, energetics (reiki) meditatiion (mindfulness, yoga nidra, taoist approaches), releasing techniques and coaching to unwind the body, to let go of tension on all levels & create space.

But how does it work?

Our body holds a lot, physically from the way we use and move it, what we feed it, emotionally from the way we navigate our emotional life and all the things that we have experienced, energetically from the way we breathe and hold ourselves, to the relationships we are in.

All of these things can show up as pain, tension, emotional issues, tiredness, insomnia or sleeplessness, digestive issues, anxiety and illness in the body.

Intuitive Support Sessions work on the physical, emotional and energetic bodies, guided by the consultation we do prior to the session and I choose to share techniques that I feel will support you and your body to return to harmonious place. We practice these live so you can tune into what works for you.

What happens in a session?

There may be movement and self touch techniques to work on the physical body, holding or supportive movements to work on the energetic and physical body, you may be asked to breathe a certain way or move your body in certain ways to help release the tension. We may use meditation to rest the mind or mantras to create focus. We may use journalling practices to support you to explore. We may use etheric support such as tarot and crystals or other techniques to work on the subtle bodies.

How does it feel?

It can sometimes feel relaxing, somewhat floaty, you may feel tired, you may sleep.

It can feel grounding and calming.

It can release physical tension if that’s what your body needs.

You may feel tingling and your breathing patterns may change.

It may feel strange if emotions begin to surface that you are not used to, you will be fully supported to feel and allow these, not to hold onto them.

You should feel more deeply connected to your body by the end of the session.

And then what?

After a session you will need to drink plenty of water.

You may wish to rest if your schedule allows.

You will be given some information on some of the reactions the body can have when it is changing.

You may also be given references relating to our post session discussion, e.g. articles to read, practices to maintain, other practitioners/therapies to explore.

We will be in touch to see how you felt in the days after the session and what support you need.

And how much are these sessions?

A 90 minute session is €100
This price includes a consultation to discuss your initial thoughts, needs and intentions (with an understanding that these may evolve)

A block of 5 x 90 minute sessions is €450

A block of 10 sessions is €850

Shorter sessions with DIY element.

There is also an option to book a series* of 60 minute sessions which involve you doing some additional ‘self directed’ work/ practices prior before the session start time.

*The cost for 60 minutes sessions is €60 per session which is only available when we are working over a period of 5 or more sessions.

A block of 5 x 60 minute sessions is €300

A block of 10 x 60 minute sessions is €500.

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“I thought it would be strange to do this work online but Cat made me feel very supported. She spent time helping me create a space in my home we could ‘work in’ and offered really wonderful support during and after the session, looking forward to my next session.”


“Cat holds amazing space for you to let yourself come completely undone and regroup in whichever way you need to.”

LauraTherapist, UK

“Great job! It was a lovely (online) circle and so settling. You made the circle very warm and welcoming, thank you.”

MichelleTherapist, Singapore

Cat creates space for deep transformational change, I still talk about our time together 3 years on. It’s hard to describe but it was the start of everything changing for me.