• Body is Boss

    – Michelle Bartolo

Intuitive Bodywork Sessions

The aim of my work is to support people to live calmer, stronger and more authentically.

And I do that work through the body.

So I might  work with people who are looking to find ways of moving through life, relationships, business and health with more ease.

Or with people who want to move from being anxious or fearful of a work situation for example to calmer about it

Or with people who want to move from feeling powerless in a relationship for example to standing strong in their choices.

And with people who want to become clearer in response to their thoughts and feelings so they can begin to act more authentically in life.

You will know from the difference you feel when you take a few days off, do some exercise or eat a cleaner diet what a difference to your soul and sanity a few changes in the body can make. The rest, relaxation and refreshment that can come is incredible.

Add to that the power of human touch, being held, being listened to, being supported, being allowed to just be can really help us change perspective, become calmer, boost our immune system and generally feel a lot more harmonious with life.

Add the that the specific skills I share garnered from over 15 years of training and fascination with the human body and we can weave real magic in the face of what you bring to the clinic.

Intuitive Bodywork is an evolution of the individual skills I have learnt. It allows me to deeply listen to you and your body and it’s calling and is more adaptable and deeper than just a single technique might allow us.

It draws on physical (massage, therapeutic touch, acupressure, myofascial release), energetic (reiki) meditative (mindfulness, yoga nidra, taoist approaches) coaching and releasing techniques to unwind the body, to let go of tension on all levels & create space.

But how does it work?

Our body holds a lot, physically from the way we use and move it, what we feed it, emotionally from the way we navigate our emotional life and all the things that we have experienced, energetically from the way we breathe and hold ourselves, to the relationships we are in.

All of these things can show up as pain, tension, emotional issues, tiredness, insomnia or sleeplessness, digestive issues, anxiety and illness in the body.

Intuitive Bodywork works on the physical, emotional and energetic bodies, guided by the consultation we do prior to the session and I choose to employ techniques that I feel will support you and your body to return to harmonious place.

What happens in a session?

There may be massaging techniques to work on the physical body, holding or supportive movements to work on the energetic and physical body, you may be asked to breathe a certain way or move your body in certain ways to help release the tension and unblock the energy channels. We may use supportive aromatherapy oils, crystals or other techniques to work on the subtle bodies.

How does it feel?

It can sometimes feel relaxing, somewhat floaty, you may feel tired, you may sleep.

It can feel grounding and calming.

It can release physical tension if that’s what your body needs.

You may feel tingling and your breathing patterns may change.

It may feel strange if emotions begin to surface that you are not used to, you will be fully supported to feel and allow these, not to hold onto them.

You should feel more deeply connected to your body by the end of the session.

And then what?

After a session you will need to drink plenty of water.

You may wish to rest if your schedule allows.

You will be given some information on some of the reactions the body can have when it is changing.

You may also be given references relating to our post session discussion, e.g. articles to read, practices to maintain, other practitioners/therapies to explore.

We will be in touch to see how you felt in the days after the session and what support you need.


“It was an awesome experience both for me and for my husband and the feeling is that of unexplained calmness.
After a day off work I usually end up with a lot of stress however today I am very much in control and REALLY calm and relaxed. I have recommended you to my colleagues. I look forward to my next session. Thanks for your thoughts and it was a pleasure to meet you.”

Carmen Social Worker, Malta

“Being an avid traveler and massage lover, I have been lucky enough to spend time in the best spas in the world. I can tell that Cat is really standing as my favourite therapist ever. I have been going there for more than a year now: every session is different and tailored to my needs. It is just pure happiness and relaxation.”

GuillaumeCEO, Malta/UK

“Cat’s one of the most amazing, authentic, experienced, well-trained and extraordinary therapist, always finding the perfect combination of what your body, mind, soul needs at the particular session. I went ones for a massage, and have made it a regular must-do/go ever since every time we are in Malta. Her hands are most healing, her attitude most professional and her sessions a real body, mind and soul treat.”

DiniYoga Teacher, Australia

“Truly magical hands by a highly experienced and intuitive holistic therapist who takes care of your whole self and not just your physical ailments. Extremely professional. Highly recommend.”

SamanthaPhysiotherapist, Malta

“Cat’s hands definitely have the healing touch. She’s very intuitive and not invasive, and will give you the full low down on what she felt through your body. A massage is such a personal experience and Cat’s professionalism makes you feel at ease instantly. 5 stars it is.”

MichelleYoga Teacher, Gozo

“Cat Moyle is one of my favourite teachers who, through her bodywork contributes to an important part of my self care up the very fabric of my self care.  Cat’s wisdom in bodywork is genuine – her focus is mindful to my ever changing individual needs.”

ElizabethYoga Teacher, USA

“Cat’s massage was one of those very rare sessions you get when you really feel your mind, body and spirit got what they needed. Deep tissue but not invasive. She is intuitive and knows her way around so I felt I could really relax and let her do her thing 🙂 I felt so light afterwards and super relaxed. She is very professional, skilled and caring. Loved every minute and have since then been dreaming of booking my next one.”

SandraMassage Therapist, Malta

*These sessions are available for babies, children and minors at the consent of the parent/guardian. They are not suitable for those undergoing psychotic episodes. It is also not advisable to receive Bodywork if you are under the influence of drink or drugs.