• Rocking the Feminine in Business

    Learn your Cyclic Super Powers

Hello you.
I am talking to you if you are a woman in business, either running your own one-woman show or an essential part of a team. Or maybe you are a mum or carer trying to juggle all that this entails. And you might be a partner in the ebb and flow of a relationship. Maybe you are all these things. Either way, you are likely busy AF in a million ways.

And you try to make time to rest, to meditate even, to do some exercise like yoga, to recharge your batteries. And you have long long to do lists and maybe try different apps to manage all the things. And sometimes this is successful and you are totally on top of your shit and sometimes not.

Honestly lady, I know that it can all feel overwhelming and there are times when you want to switch everything off and hide under the duvet. And you can totally do that by the way!

But in the meantime, here’s something I learned a while ago, by working with bodies for over 15 years and by exploring my own exhaustion. We, as humans, are not designed to be fully alert, full volume, fully engaged and fully productive all the time, despite what some of the internet enthusiasm might imply. Further to this, as women, our bodies are very much cyclic in nature. So we go through monthly (ish) phases that affect our mood, our energy levels, our ability to communicate and our resilience. So it’s more like we are always switched on but in particular ways at particular times.

I call these particular ways our cyclic super powers and we access them by learning about our cycle and operating in sync with it. The ultimate reward for this work for me is that it maximises our energy levels, sanity and presence in our lives with our families and with our friends and supports us to be more efficient and effective in our business because we are not running on empty or trying to be all the things all the time.

And here’s what’s exciting. It’s not massively complicated and it makes a lot of sense once you get into it.
It doesn’t require major life overhaul to incorporate it into your life and you can do as much or as little as you want to start synchronising with your cycle and working in rhythm with it and not against it.

I started by learning and introducing ever so small things into my life once a month and noticed a BIG difference. It made me a LOT less exhausted and a LOT more efficient, somewhat calmer and definitely more confident. And then I got all enthusiastic about sharing what I know and practice with other women, like you. So here I am ready to Rock the Feminine publicly in this one day intro workshop.

On this workshop we will run through the four phases we move through each month (ish) and how this echos the phases of life and the phases of nature. I will share the embodied techniques I use to navigate my phases more harmoniously drawing on yogic principles, movement, breathwork techniques, journalling and ceremonial practices, lunar awareness and a whole lotta humour and tea.

If you are curious about your cycle, exhausted by any of the demands life has put upon you or are ready to learn more about how to Rock Your Feminine then this is a great workshop to try as a starting point. It just requires a desire to listen and experiment and show up for yourself.

Book your place now

It’s an Online Workshop

Next Cycle Saturday 16th January 2021.(just after a New Moon)
Registration: Open Now until 13th January 2021
Programme Length: 1 Day
Investment: €57


What do I need to join this programme?
A Laptop/smartphone
An Email address
Pens and Paper
A Candle
A Blanket to wrap yourself in
Your Favourite tea
A Willingness to try stuff

What will happen on the workshop?
We will open the workshop with a small ceremony
I will share with you a series of practices and principles for each phase of your cycle.
We will engage in embodiment practices to support our phases
You will receive a worksheet
We will learn to Rock the Feminine

What’s my time commitment?
A one day workshop online.

Can I pay in something other than euros?
The course fees are in euros but your currency will be converted via paypal or bank transfer. To check the exchange rate go to xe.com