• Finding Your Beat: A Heart Opening Workshop

    Reconnecting you with your wisest teacher

The world demands we use our brains a LOT. We have to plan and organise and strategise and carry out tasks. We likely spend most of our day processing and acting on information. Our minds do an incredible job of keeping us safe, keeping us learning, keeping us active and keeping us growing.

And as a result it can sometimes feel like we spend a lot of time up in our heads and sometimes get tired of ‘the noise’ or swirling thought mess up there.

There are communities on this earth that believe we have three brains one in the head (the analytical brain), one in the heart (the compassionate brain) and one in the gut (the intuitive brain) all of which are important in navigating life.

And more simply most of us know that when we spend time dropping out of our head and into our bodies a bit more we feel relaxed, calmer, better able to express ourselves and usually make different decisions and yet how often do we practice that or feel supported to do that?

The compassionate brain is a good one to tap into if you feel like your emotions are ‘too much to handle’ or you are sometimes angry but don’t really know why or are sad and do know why. And yet it’s hard to know how to do that sometimes when we are so in the habit of analysing everything with our mind.

We will often know that we have something deeper to express about our heart, our desires, our place… but haven’t felt ready to do that.
Or we feel like we are tired of holding onto secrets or judgements or certain feelings that keep returning.

I think we have two choices, we can either A) continue to muddle and manage around the emotional parts of life we find hard or listening to the swirling thought mess and its repeating messages B) learn to be ‘in’ those secrets, feelings and judgements and to have the power to understand them and navigate ourselves through them as best we can.
In my experience, option B always has more rewards and though it is a lot easier to choose if we are in it together.

More than simple meditation, connection and movement practices, this workshops weaves in the power of group work so we can all support each other to be as honest as we can, to begin to recognise our habits and understand how to allow all parts of ourselves.

So if you want to stay in Option A, I get it. And if Option B intrigues you, if a small part of you thinks it might be worth a shot, then have a read of the workshop details and see if it suits you.

If your current approach to life is not working or making you feel free or if you just know you are ready to try something different and are ready to step outside your comfort zone for the magic that lives there, or if you just know you are ready to release then this workshop might be for you.

This workshop will share a myriad techniques for tuning into your heart, your most compassionate ‘brain’. We will use sound, scent, breath, movement, touch, energywork and amanae along with sharing practices to tap into the hearts wisdom, to connect to how it feels and to open into any tension and pain it holds. We will work in circle to support one another to trust that the heart is as important as the mind in navigating this life and that the union of the two can create an unstoppable force.

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Live Face to Face Workshop (with online follow up)

Next Workshop: TBC 2020 (Malta, Europe)
Registration: Open Now (no payment required until dates are confirmed)
Programme Length: 1/2 day and 1 follow up call
Investment: €80 (early bird price €70)


What will the workshop entail?

We will do individual work and work in pairs and we will close with a group circle.

To fuel our exploration of our hearts, we will use:

– intention setting
– meditation
– movement
– sound healing
– breathwork
– amanae (emotional release techniques)
– energy work
– the group dynamic

This half day workshop will support you with diving deep into your heart, your wisest teacher.

You will be supported to express what this part of you wants and needs in your own way. To find your own truth here.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to feel a strong connection with your heart space and will know how to connect your heart with your head in your daily life.

And there will be follow up support via a group call and closed facebook group so you can keep working through what comes up.

What else do I need to know?

The workshop is a half day morning workshop 10am – 1.30pm.

The first 5 places booked will also receive a 10% discount off a one to one amanae session with me.

Payment can be made via paypal (hello@catmoyle.com), Revolut or BOV Mobile Pay (+356 9964 6166), cash or cheque.

You will need to bring water and something to write on and with.

You will need to wear comfortable clothing for the workshop.

You will need to let me know if you have any medical requirements.

Due to the nature of the work it is recommended that you don’t plan anything too hectic for after the workshop so you can be gentle with yourself as you process what you have experienced.

Fortunately you will be able to use the Sanya spa facilities afterwards for just that for a reduced rate of €18.50 (20% of the normal rate)