• Heart Beat - Online Support Circle

    Connection, community and support to dive deeper into your heart

Hello you.
How are you? What tools are you drawing on right now to stay connected, stay present, stay loving, stay compassionate in a time of major change. The head is a fabulous place to be for planning, organising and getting shit done and sometimes we forget to move out of that place and into the heart.

And it can get tiring and make us feel a bit wired.

And you have new to do lists and have joined some new groups or signed up to some new apps and routines to manage all the new things that are happening. And sometimes this is successful and you are totally on top of your shit and feeling centred and in control and sometimes not.

Sometimes, even for the calmest and most capable of you, it can all feel overwhelming and there are times when you want to switch everything off and hide under the duvet. And if you are reading this from under a duvet, I salute you.

To me, it feels like we are being encouraged as a society to dive inwards as much as outwards.

We, as humans, are not designed to be fully outward facing, fully engaged, fully productive, fully in our head all the time, despite what some of the internet enthusiasm might imply.

And we are very used to being in our head because a lot of life demands that. But when it comes to connecting to our partners, our families, our friends, ourselves – fully, the head may not have the answers.

In my experience, the body and specifically the heart, is where I come to calm it all down, to find connection with myself, to find trust and comfort, to centre myself on the timeline of alllll the future and allll the past and ultimately to reach out to those in my own circle more effectively, compassionately, more completely and more authentically.

This is the ultimate reward for being in my heart and here’s what’s good to know – it’s simple, it’s loving, it doesn’t take long, it is a remembering, not a new learning and it gets easier when you practice and are supported.

I personally draw on meditation, touch, journalling, sound, movement and ritual, and so have started sharing this and supporting others to practice the same in face to face (currently online) groups.

So here I am ready to bring this work to you, wherever you are, in a weekly online circle.

I will share the techniques I use to drop out of my head into my heart, to navigate my emotional territory, to trust and allow, to know that whatever my reactions are, they are ok, they are allowed.

I draw on yogic principles, movement, breathwork techniques, journalling and ceremonial practices, lunar awareness and a whole lotta humour and tea.

I offer space, for you to connect with your heart, to be heard and to connect with others in these times.

If you are curious about how to weave between your head and your heart, are a bit exhausted by overthinking or just need a bit of time out for your emotions then come and join us.

It just requires a desire to listen and show up for yourself.

You do not have to commit to lots, you can just come to one.

They will take place one Monday evenings at 6.30pm UK Time / 7.30pm CET unless we collectively decide on a different time. I will change the time here if that happens.

They will continue for the foreseeable future.

They are offered on a donation basis, you can join for free or if you can afford it you can pay me a donation on Paypal.me

Send me an email or FB  message at least an hour before the session and I will send you the sign up password.

Zoom Link for the meeting is here

Meeting ID: 832 552 109

Not sure? Send me an email and we can talk about whether it’s of value to you.

Don’t fancy it but know someone who does – please share

Much Much Love

Cat xx

It’s an Online Circle

When: Mondays from 30th March 2020 until further notice
Time: 6.30pm (UK) / 7.30pm (CET) unless attendees decide another time works better – update will be made here.
Commitment: you can come to one, several or all, as you feel called
Registration: Email me hello@catmoyle.com / or PM me on Facebook @catmoyle
Location: This zoom room (you need a password to enter so please message me before we meet online)
Circle length: 45 mins to 1 hour depending on number of attendees
Investment: €donation or free
Payment: via Buy Me a Cuppa button below

Buy me a cuppaBuy me a cuppa

This ‘Buy Me a Cuppa’ button has been set up so you can donate to me for the services I am currently offering online during COVID-19. Thank you for continuing to support me to bring intelligence about the mind, body and breath during these times.


What do I need to join this programme?
A Laptop/smartphone
An Email address
A Facebook account to join the Closed Facebook Group (not essential but worth it for additional support)
A Blanket to wrap yourself in
Your Favourite tea
A Willingness to try stuff

What will happen on the programme?
We will connect online

I will share a meditation, breathwork, touch, sound and movement techniques to help you connect with your heart.

We will share what is going on for us

We will listen

We will be heard

I may share reading recommendations and journalling prompts.

We will support one another in person at the calls and on the closed facebook group

We will learn to spend time in our heart.

What’s my time commitment?
You can attend all of the calls, some or just one.

The calls will be 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on the size of the group

Can I pay in something other than £/euros?
The donation defaults to £ but your currency will be converted via paypal or bank transfer.

To check the exchange rate go to xe.com