Who wants some gentle time out?

Who needs a bit of time out from all the mind-noise, COVID talk, lockdown lunacy and general daily WTF-ery.
Somewhere to come and hang out and quench these tired souls of ours with a bit of love, care and compassion?
I continue to feel deeply called to create a space for this and to share it with you.
From my heart to yours.
Lets hang out on the sofa, wrapped in blankets and drink tea and not have to effort or do or be anything other than exactly what we are.
Lets spend some time in restful repose and stop all the bloody fixing and doing.
I will share a meditation, we will listen to some soothing sounds, we might do some gentle movement, we will lean into loving kindness, compassion and support.
We will be kind to our nervous systems, we will create space and allow ourselves to ask for what we need, to be supported.
Entry is €20 via Paypal or Stripe see below.
If you are not able to pay and still want to join please message me hello@catmoyle.com so we can find a way.
Much Love
Cat xx

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It’s an Online Gathering

Next Gentle Sunday: 30th May 2021 at 5pm (GMT) / 6pm (CET)
Registration: Open Now until 28th May
Programme Length: 2 -2.5 hours
Investment: €20

Image Credit Aaron Burden on @Unsplash