Your body. Are you tapping into it’s full potential? As a map for navigating the ups and downs of life. As a guide for making decisions, for finding the right words, for seeking compassion, for being there for others, for being there for yourself, for staying steady in wild times, for now more than ever. Come and learn ways to listen to your body, the boss, and find freedom…

You might feel a bit disconnected from your body or want to develop a better relationship with it. You might be tired of the swirling thought mess. Or maybe you are just tired. You sometimes feel like it’s a bit much to juggle all the things happening in the world right now.

For years now I have been diving deep to figure out how to navigate the ups and downs of life and the tools that have served me the best have been the ones deeply rooted in the body. It is in the body I have felt the pain, the joy, the tension, the confusion, so it is to the body I go to explore and unravel that.

And now it is time to begin to share some of the tools with you for the life we are now living.

So in 2020, the BODY IS BOSS PROGRAMME came out of the shadows and into the light

This programme supports women who are curious about the role their body has to play in navigating life. We work to create more congruence in your life, to tap into the power that comes from that and to develop deep respect for your body and what it is showing you. I contribute simple body-based techniques, coaching and advice to a supportive community so we can all step into the fullest versions of ourselves.

)) Who is this for? ((

All women who want to know more about the role their bodies can play in navigating life.

All women who want some more tools for handling stress.

All women who want to learn how to listen to their body when making choices.

All women who want to learn more about their cyclic nature and how to harness it.

All women who want to understand the role the body has to play in communicating more clearly.

All women who want to be in better relationship with their body.

All women who want to find more steadiness in this wild world.

The collective energy is an important part of this work, really, we do it together so it’s for women who are drawn to learning from one another.

Is this you?

)) What’s involved ((

In this signature Body is Boss Programme…

)) We explore our relationship to our physical body, our energy levels and how we manage them.

)) We look at how we handle stress (or not).

)) We examine our biological nature and it’s relationship with the natural environment.

)) We learn the cyclic nature of our bodies and the world we occupy.

)) We check in with the body to understand the business/career decisions we make (or don’t).

)) We explore emotions we are willing to feel and the ones we avoid.

)) We feel into the body responses that show up in the relationships we choose and the love we are able to give and receive.

)) We learn to express from the body and discover the words we are able to say.

)) We tap into the bodies relationship to the spiritual world

)) We look at how our bodies influence the bodies around us.

We will practice, practice, practice different techniques. This is not a cerebral sharing space. We will get in the body deep and often.

We will share and shed, we will learn from one another, one woman’s truth can be a starting point for an internal exploration for anothers’ or a mic-drop moment for all of us.

We will be honest.

We will figure out what we feel is BS, what doesn’t work for us, or worse, what makes things worse.

We will celebrate what does work with our whole beings.

We will not all go through the same process for the same end. We will walk our own paths in the company of others walking theirs.

We will hold one another accountable but more than that we will hold one another in love.

This is NOT about targets or tick boxes. This is not school. This is about deep work. Excavation. Exploration. Expression and Evolution

It is a remembering, a recall of all parts of ourselves. The dark, the light, the wild and the wonderful.

The aim of the project is to explore how the body helps and sometimes hinders our ability to be the fullest version of ourselves.

Are you in?

Click the Button Below to register and pay or to just add your name to the waitlist.

)) Some details ((

The programme is currently ‘in session’ but we will begin another round in early 2021*.

We will not go fast nor indeed furious.

We will be flexible so you can fit this into you busy lives.

We will run at timezone friendly times so no one has to get up at 4am unless they want to.

We will allow time to explore and integrate because this is also the work.

)) Also ((

Everything will be confidential (unless explicitly discussed and consented to – e.g. for the purpose of recording something that might be useful outside the project)

Everything will be autonomous – you choose what you participate in and what you don’t.

)) Practically ((

We will gather to meet on Zoom a few times a month. If you don’t know what zoom is, please call me from your cave-phone and I will explain x

We may have an FB group to share in but I would prefer to explore an alternative since FB is getting a bit too noisy – bear with me on that. But either way we will have a space to share in in-between zooms.

We will have online exercises to support our explorations but you don’t need a fancy printer or to kill any more trees, it will be do-able mostly paper free.

We will learn as we go and evolve the methods and programme according to our collective needs. I will create a shape, yes, but we won’t stick rigidly to it if its not working.

The exchange for this programme is  being finalised currently but likely under €600 and definitely with payment plans and reduced rates for those

*Dates will be fixed shortly but the programme runs for 3 months

As a reminder, the aim of the project is to explore how the body helps and can be harnessed to invite us into the fullest version of ourselves.

Are you in?

If you know this is for you, please join the waiting list.

If you are not sure, but think there is something in here for you, PM me for a chat.

I’m excited, It’s time, I would love to explore this deep work with you at a time when we all need it.

Cat x

Join the Waiting List for the next wave now


First Wave: In progress
Second Wave: Begins Feb/March 2021 (booking 31st January 2021)
Registration: Closes: 31st Jan 2021
Early bird price till: 30th December 2020*
Programme Length: 3 months, space to integrate
Investment (Early Bird) €375 – before 30th December 2020.
Investment (Full Price) €175 – per month for 3 months or €450 upfront

*exact dates TBC

*If you want to commit to the programme now, please message me and we can discuss deposit.
Dates will be confirmed in early December 2020.


What do I need to join this programme?
A Laptop/smartphone
An Email address
A Zoom account
A Facebook account to join the Closed Facebook Group (not essential but worth it)
Pens and Paper
A yoga mat
A Willingness to try stuff

What will the programme include?
We will look at our bodies from all angles. We will use
– intention setting
– meditation
– embodied movement
– rest
– journalling
– breathwork
– energywork
– ritual
– the group dynamic

What will happen on the programme?
We will open the group with a welcome meeting and will have group calls (using zoom) to connect to one another.
I will send you emails containing practices
We will share what’s happening on the closed facebook group
We will support one another through the 3 months and share whats happening as we feel called.
We will recharge our batteries, rediscover our bodies and learn how to listen to it’s wisdom.

What’s my time commitment?
It would be amazing if you can join the live calls.
You can do the practices at times that suit you.
You can spend all your day exploring the work or as little as 60 minutes each week as life demands.
You are invited to find your own way through it with support from me and the rest of the group.

Do I need to be physically very active to join this programme?
Not at all, any movement practices are fully accessible to all bodies.

How can I reserve my spot?
Complete the form below and when I ‘open the doors to Body is Boss 2021 you will be the first to receive an email with all the information on how to reserve your spot 🙂

Can I pay in something other than euros?
The programme fees will be publicised in euros but your currency will be converted via paypal or card payment. To check the exchange rate go to

Not sure if this programme is for you?
Drop me a line and I will happily call you back to answer your questions or send you more information.
If you feel like the price is out of your range, please contact me to discuss options.