• If we want go fast, we go alone, if we want to go far, we go together – African Proverb

Intention focused work in community with others. In my experience of working with hundreds of people, I have learned that something magical happens when we work in community.

Even just hearing anothers’ story and connecting it to ours begins to open us up. I love being part of that magic and offering workshops and retreats to the seasoned veteran workshop attendee, the complete beginners to this work and everyone in between. We are all learning from one another and supporting one another on this ride and below are my current suite of workshops and online circles designed to do that.

Heart Beat – Online Support Circle

Meditation, breath, touch and movement to find your beat and plug you back into your heart.

How are you? What tools are you drawing on right now to stay connected, stay present, stay loving, stay compassionate in a time of major change. The head is a fabulous place to be for planning, organising and getting shit done and sometimes we forget to move out of that place and into the heart.

There is a lot happening right now and even the most calm, capable and cool-headed people on the planet are in a period of adjusting to the new normal.

This weekly online circle will share a myriad techniques for supporting you to take a moment with what is happening in your body (and heart) as well as your head. I will share plenty of things you can do in your own home or super market queue, when the kids are driving you mad, when you just want a breather, when you need to rest, when you feel lonely, when you need some space from all the thinking and doing.

Live Online Group Circle (weekly)

When: Mondays from 30th March 2020 until further notice
Time: 6.30pm (UK) / 7.30pm (CET) unless attendees decide another time works better – update will be made here.
Registration: Email me hello@catmoyle.com / FB private message 
Location: This zoom room (you need a password to enter so please message me before we meet online)
Circle length: 45 mins to 1 hour depending on number of attendees
Investment: €donation or free
Payment via: Buy me a cuppa button below

Buy me a cuppaBuy me a cuppa

This ‘Buy Me a Cuppa’ button has been set up so you can donate to me for the services I am currently offering online during COVID-19.
Thank you for continuing to support me to bring intelligence about the mind, body and breath during these times.

Rocking the Feminine in Business

Learn Your Cyclic Super Powers

You are a woman in business, either running your own one-woman show or an essential part of a team. Maybe you are a mum or carer trying to juggle all that this entails You might be a partner in the ebb and flow of a relationship. You are likely busy AF in a million ways. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to be ‘switched on’ all the time even when you want to switch everything off and hide under the duvet. These female bodies are very much cyclic in nature. We go through monthly (ish) waves that affect our mood, our energy levels, our ability to communicate and our resilience.

On this programme I will share the techniques I use to ride the waves more harmoniously and to maximise the super powers that emerge during each phase of our monthly cycles to support our business and our lives and to avoid exhaustion. If you are curious about your cycle, exhausted by any of the demands life has put upon you or are fully ready to Rock Your Feminine then this is a great programme to join.

Live Online Group Programme

Next Cycle: Sunday 22nd March 2020
Registration: Open Now until 17th March 2020
Programme Length: 1 Month
Investment: €187

Rescue Remedy for Therapists (Online)

(Bodyworkers and Yoga / Pilates Teachers)

Rewind // Reset // Recharge
You started out in business wanting to share what you have learnt, help people connect to their bodies and receive the magical support you offer through your hands and teachings. Somewhere along the way though you got a little tired, broke a few things and lost the level of mojo for the work that you had at the start. Maybe you have had a long run of sessions or classes and are bored, maybe your compassion fatigue is off the scale and you want to take a break from ALL of it and ALL of them. It’s either time force yourself to carry on, quit completely or learn some reset techniques that will allow you to continue doing the work you love AND recharge your cannons for it.
I know this place. These techniques help me continue doing what I love year on year. With ups and downs yes but with consistent professionalism and passion to do more.
This online programme is looking for participants for it’s first flight.
Are you in?

Live Online group programme (and one to one options)

Next Wave: March/April 2020
Registration: Opens Feb 2020
Programme Length: 5 weeks
Beta Investment: €555

Finding Your Beat: A Heart Opening Workshop

Reconnecting you with your wisest teacher

If you feel like you spend a lot of time up in your head and sometimes get tired of ‘the noise’ up there or you want to connect better to your intuition and find other ways to make decisions than always with your mind then you are invited to this workshop. If you sometimes feel like the emotions in you are ‘too much to handle’ or you are sometimes angry but don’t really know why or are sad and do know why then you are invited to join us. If you know you have to say something about your heart, your desires, your place… but haven’t felt ready to do it alone or if you feel like you are tired of holding onto secrets or judgements or feelings then this workshop may be a good place to begin the process of release.
This workshop will share a myriad techniques for tuning into your heart, your most compassionate ‘brain’. We will use sound, scent, breath, movement, touch, energywork and amanae along with sharing practices to tap into the hearts wisdom, to connect to how it feels and to open into any tension and pain it holds. We will work in circle to support one another to trust that the heart is as important as the mind in navigating this life and that the union of the two can create an unstoppable force.

Live Face to Face Workshop (with online follow up)

Next Workshop: TBC 2020 (Malta, Europe)
Registration: Open Now
Programme Length: 1/2 day and 1 follow up call
Investment: €80 (early bird price €70)

The Pure Series

This series of hands-on amanae and frequencies of brilliance workshops were birthed by myself and Laura Oseland and are running in the UK over the course of a few years.
Each workshop is an opportunity to access unexpressed emotions, to open the doorways to those parts of ourselves we have fragmented, allowing our life force energy to flow more freely.
Each workshop focuses on a different theme and area of the body.

By accessing and feeling the emotions in the body, we create more space in the physical body to drop into. And, as we become more comfortable in that embodiment, we become more comfortable in allowing our feelings, in experiencing life fully, of having our human experience here on Earth.

This is your invitation. We hope you can make it.

Live Face to Face workshop (with online follow up)

Next Workshop: Pure Bliss
Workshop Date: 14th June 2020
Registration: Opens March 2020
Workshop Length: 1 full day
Investment: €150 (£125)