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You are passionate about the work you do, to share what you have learnt, to help people connect to their bodies and receive the magical support you offer through your hands and teachings.

Sometimes though this work can get a little tiring, or a little lonely or a little complicated to juggle all the things.

There is some much you want to do but you don’t always have the time, energy or knowledge to do it all.

Maybe you finished your training and don’t know how to get your work out there, maybe marketing and selling make you feel icky, maybe you have had a long run of sessions or classes and are bored, maybe you want to launch into a new specialism but are not sure how to transition or maybe your compassion fatigue is kicking in and you want to take a break from ALL of it.

You may have taken courses to learn how to boost or balance your business, you may have taken breaks that helped refresh you and recharge you for a while. You might have played around with your workspace a few times or moved it completely. Maybe you have evolved your offering to be more in alignment, or maybe you can’t do that just yet due to external circumstances. You are always looking at ways to keep your energy up for what you love on top of the energy you get from actually doing the work and being in flow. I know this place.

If you are reading this you are a highly enthusiastic bodyworker, teacher or mentor and you want to keep doing this work but its hard on the body, mind and sometimes the soul. I know this place well.

If you are feeling like you need support or are stuck or overwhelmed it’s either time to find ways to manage that, quit completely or learn some techniques that will allow you to continue doing the work you love AND recharge your cannons for it. I know this place really well.

Back in 2015 I nearly quit. I loved the work but ran out of steam. I took a long rest and came back to the work with some amazing techniques that help me continue doing what I love year on year. With ups and downs yes but with consistent professionalism and passion to do more, learn more, share more and evolve more.

And so I want to share these with the therapist community as far and wide as I can. I am drawing on my 15+ years of experience to offer embodied coaching and mentoring support online, bespoked to your current needs and guaranteed to support you to continue doing the work you are called to do.

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Intro programme €300 (5 x 1 hour sessions)
Lets go deep €550 (10 x 1 hour sessions)
Follow Up Session €60 (1 x hour session)

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Sessions available from July 2020.

Consultation and quick wins chat FREE
Intro programme €300 (5 x 1 hour sessions)
Lets go deep €550 (10 x 1 hour sessions)
Follow Up Session €60 (1 x hour session)


What do I need to join this programme?
A Laptop/smartphone
An Email address
A Facebook account to join the Stronger Together Facebook Group (not essential but worth it)
Pens and Paper
A yoga mat
A Willingness to try stuff

What might the sessions include?
We will look at where you are at from all angles. We may use
– intention setting
– meditation
– movement
– rest
– journalling
– sound healing
– breathwork
– energywork
– ritual

What’s my time commitment?
Attend the one hour coaching sessions
Do any homework in your own time

What if I can’t afford the whole payment upfront
You can pay for each session as you have it (€65 each)

What other ways can I pay?
Payment can be made using for form above or via paypal (hello@catmoyle.com) or Revolut (+356 9964 6166) – using reference ‘coaching for bodyworkers’

I’m in the UK/US/Canada/Australia etc, can I pay in something other than euros?
My fees are in euros but your currency will be converted via the payment method you choose. To check the exchange rate go to xe.com

Not sure if this kind of coaching support is for you?
Drop me a line and we can have a quick wins consultation session.