• True Power is living the realisation that you are your own healer, hero and leader

    – Yung Pueblo

Amanae is a type of bodywork suitable for literally anyone* who has experienced something sad, traumatic, difficult, annoying, overwhelming, challenging or frustrating in their lives…. So errr all of us right?


It helps you work on releasing trapped emotions and trauma and accessing a more honest version of yourself. Some people report it makes them feel calmer and more relaxed, but really every experience differs, so read on and have a look at the testimonials below to get a flavour of the work.

But how does it work?

Often we are able to fully express how we feel, but sometimes we aren’t.  The theory behind the practice is, that if we don’t or aren’t able to express that emotion, we store it up inside our bodies and eventually it may become painful (emotionally, physically or in some other way).

Amanae helps you to allow the full expression of that emotion, no matter how long it’s been hiding. It can help us allow the sound, movement and energy to keep going on it’s journey.

It helps us explore all the amazing things that are hanging out in our cells, tissues and bodily structures and give them space.

It can help us understand ourselves, our tensions, our actions better, more clearly

What happens in a session?

 The practitioner (in this case me) would press, move or massage certain points (the doorways) whilst asking the client (in this case you) to breathe into the area, identify how it feels, be ‘present’ with that feeling, work on the edge of any sensations in that area (sometimes it can be a little painful, sensitive, uncomfortable – it’s all part of the process, it’s never ‘too much’) and let go of anything trapped in there.

The breathing really helps you connect to the area being worked on and ‘let go’.

Areas are worked several times over if need be with gentle holding in between.

The treatment involves the physical work and the breathing and also something called energy work (a bit like reiki)

How does it feel?

It can sometimes feel a bit intense as we let go of anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, rage and the whole spectrum of emotions that settle in our bones if we let them. Sometimes we make sounds or say out words that our body is remembering/recalling.

Amanae can sometimes feel quite emotionally and physically tiring during and shortly after but this doesn’t usually last too long. Alternatively some people report feeling energised and uplifted straight after.

And then what?

After a session you have as much time as you need to be on your own and do what ever you feel like.

Many people (myself included when I have sessions) feel very calm and centred, some feel a little spaced out, some feel like they have been meditating (which in a way they have), some feel tired, some full of energy.

Recipients have reported feeling lighter, more present, tired but in a good way, relaxed and more awake after a session.  Everyone who receives the work expresses how deep the sensations (physical and emotional) can be and how direct it is as a therapy.

We all need plenty of water afterwards.

  • Costs

  • Full Session €100 (approx. 2 – 2.5 hours)
  • Follow Up Sessions €90 (approx. 90 mins)
  • Heart Opening only Session €80 (approx. 1 hour)


“My amanae sessions have been very helpful in releasing some inner tension.”


“I felt and expressed what I hadn’t given myself the space to do and you gave me space and in that something that means so much to me. I feel more able to express, to be and connect to what it means to me to be a woman. Which is the most wonderful gift.”


“During the treatment with Cat I experienced something I have been longing for, for a long time. This experience took me back to these places, further away from words and back to these places, further deeper than words. I got deeply touched by the experience.”


“What struck me about Cat’s delivery of Amanae is that she co-creates the experience with you so clearly and effectively. In delivering her treatment Cat will constantly communicate with you, inviting you to meet her touch with focus and intent. This inherently makes you part of the process and makes the treatment more effective as a result.”

KenTherapist, Malta

“My heart feels even more open than before and I have a subtle shift in awareness of another yet deeper level of connection with all of the world around me. I would recommend this process to anyone wishing to experience deep, powerful healing, to shift deep held patterns or to connect more deeply with their inner most being. Thanks Cat for this wonderful experience.”

PhilippaTherapist, UK

“It was an amazing experience, I am on my path to get known myself and embrace each small part of myself, my life, my experiences. And I truly feel that Amanae can assist me in this.”


“Some extremely deep emotions arose and emerged from me.”


*These sessions are not currently available for babies, children or minors or those undergoing psychotic episodes. It is also not advisable to receive Amanae if you are under the influence of drink or drugs.