Cat Moyle: Embodiment Coach and Intuitive Bodyworker

This is the bit where I try to convince you of my credibility and whilst what I say here is of some importance (so you know I’m not a charlatan or scammer) what I feel strongly about is this – you are the best person to make judgements about what will support you and your body. The relationship you develop with your own choices is a crucial part of feeling well and living a stronger, calmer and more authentic life. We make decisions with our heart and then justify those with logic, so if you don’t like what I am saying or the way I am saying it, then we know we are not the right fit for each other.

There are plenty of other awesome health professionals out there with whom you will have a move productive time.

I am practical and compassionate and I am fully committed to supporting you to find your way and I have some qualifications, frameworks and experience that help me do that.

I was born in the UK in the 1970’s and have travelled far and wide internally and externally. Inspired by a transformational experience in my university years, I began training in holistic / complementary / alternative therapies in 2001 and haven’t stopped since.